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    Nice post,this is really intersting. These free software are really interested.

  • Stephen Adams

    Starburn is crap.
    It is disk burning software, not DVD authoring software. ou have to have a disk image of files you want to save to DVD before running the program.

  • http://www.ilovelongtoes.com Long Toes

    I wonder if anyone knows of Blu Ray authoring software (free)? Anyway, thanks for this post – bookmarked now.

  • Sai kiran

    How many movies does the above software burn in a dvd? 3 or 6? Whoever knows the answer for my question, i request them to please please please please please post the answer at the earliest…… Its very urgent to me……Try to understand…… please………

    • David

      This all depends on at least 3 factors:
      1) The length of the movie(s)
      2) The quality of the movies
      3) The size of the disk

    • David

      Also, DVD Flick compensates the the quality and disk size issues by reducing quality in order to fit more video on one disk.

  • ian

    winx dvd author 5.9 free is a good one-it’s easy to use with some nice options.the only drawback i can see with it is that you can’t put as much video playtime into your dvd as you can with other programmes.it was very nice of them to make it freeware though.i tried dvd flick,not a bad looking programme but it always crashes.devede is okay but it seems very slow.avs2dvd is very useful in that it encodes each video file,be it wmv,mpeg or whatever into a seperate vob file instead of joining them all together so that later on if you want to you can re-use the vobs and re-arrange them in any order you want to make a new dvd.i only use dvd coach express now as i’m not bothered about having a menu on my own dvds-i would recommend this above all others because of it’s relatively fast converting speed with good quality.

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/ Ishan

      @Ian: Thanks for the detailed feedback about this DVD Authoring programs. This would definitely help others :)

  • Krupotkin

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