Free Mail Commander: Ideal Free Email Client for Netbooks

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Free Mail Commander is a completely free email client. It is completely very small in size. In fact, it can be run from a USB drive as well. On top of that, it uses very less system resources. Still, it is feature packed, and comes with most of the features that its biggest couterparts (such as Mozilla Thunderbird, and Windows Live Mail) provide. This makes Free Mail Commander the ideal free email client for netbooks. It uses very less hard disk space, and RAM, and would work well within the resource constraints that netbooks have.

Free Email Client for Netbooks
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As I mentioned earlier, Free Mail Commander is very small in size, but does not lags behind in features.

Here are some of the features of Free Mail Commander:

  • Supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP4.
  • Supports Gmail.
  • Powerful message editor to create HTML messages with embedded images.
  • Completely portable in nature. Can be run from a USB drive.
  • You can set relative custom folders for attachments, email databases.
  • Built-in spell checker.
  • You can configure multiple mail accounts.
  • Powerful message filtering and sorting.

Free Mail Commander is small, yet powerful. This would be ideal free email client for netbooks. If you are looking for an antivirus for betbooks, you can try Panda Cloud Antivirus.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: Windows
Free/Paid: Free
  • votre

    Nice e-mail client overall.

    Unfortunately, critical functions are missing from the free version of this software.

    The inability to only download headers, delete or redownload selected messages, or restrict downloads based on message size are IMHO all showstopper restrictions for a portable e-mail client.

    Further, the purchase prices for some of the paid versions are unrealistic in light of all the other less expensive and free e-mail clients out there.

    So kudos to Internetsoft for producing such a nice e-mail client. Too bad they’re a little too late to the party for this application to have any hope of making major inroads.

    • @Votre: Absolutely correct feedback. They have indeed missed the party. Thunderbird and Zimbra (that I will soon write about) are game changers.

  • Jay

    I installed this on Windows 7 netbook. But couldn't get it to show HTML emals. Looks like it needs gtkhtml2 plugin which is not available for windows. Any help?

  • Carlos

    Mail commander is NOT recommendable at all. Use it if you want to risk losing all your in and out box contents. The software seems to go simply bananas from time to time, and it erases all your messages to open up an interface with four or five one year old (or longer) messages. Quite good looking interface, lots of features, but it doesn´t show photo attachments and like I said: it goes mad from time to time, erasing all your messages. Quite a good load of crap.

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