• Rachael Jones

    Thanks for wasting my time. Did you bother to research your article at all, or did you just base your article on product advertising? Not one single one of these downloads is free! Sure, they will all install and tell me what drivers are out of date, but then each and every one of them requires me to register and pay a monthly fee before they will download the drivers! The exact same plot as every other paid app. As an article writer myself, I am very disgusted with the lack of honesty and research performed in this article. If they were free at the time of publishing the writer has a duty to remove it, and is just as liable. Please be responsible for your work!

    Rachael M Jones

    • ishan_ilovefreesoftware

      @Rachel Jones: Hello :) Thanks for sharing this info. Yes, we check all the software before publishing, and we did same in this case as well. When we find out that the software is not free anymore, we update the article. Only way to find that out is from readers like you (we have written about thousands of software till date; I am sure you are not expecting us to keep checking all of them regularly). I will get all of these checked again and will get the article updated. Meanwhile, you can try Driver Booster ( http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/26/windows/driver-updater-automatically-download-update-missing-drivers.html). This one I tested very recently and I know it is free (has some paid options as well).

  • Marko Ljubevski

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  • angry man

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