How to Uninstall or Disable Google Chrome Extension

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Here is a small tutorial that explains how to uninstall or temporarily disable a Google Chrome Extension.

How to Uninstall Google Chrome Extension:

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  1. Go to Tools Menu in your Google Chrome.
  2. In this, you will see an option for “Extensions”. Click on that.
  3. This will bring up a page which will show all the extension that you have installed.
  4. Each extension will have an option of “Uninstall” with it. Just click on that option, and that extension will be uninstalled.

How to Disable Google Chrome Extension:

Many people are not aware that it is possible to temporarily disable a Google Chrome extension, without uninstalling it. For that repeat steps 1-3 as above. In step 4, instead of choosing “Uninstall” option, choose “Disable” option. This will disable the extension, without uninstalling it. You can enable that extension any time.

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  • JJB

    I uninstalled Google Chrome (via the Windows XP Control Panel) and now, whenever I click on a link in an email inside MS Outlook, I get a message that says "this operation has been cancelled due to restrictions on effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator."

    How do I fix this problem? I didn't have the benefit of your instructions on how to disable Chrome when I did it.

    • @JJB: You can try making IE your default browser. For that, go to IE -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Programs. You will see button of "Make Default" at the bottom. That should do it.

      • JJB

        It Worked! Thanks so much, for a simple fix.

        • @JJB: I am glad it did. You are welcome :)

  • Thu Nguyen

    Thanks a lot :)

  • Paul

    My Chrome extension crashes everytime I open it, it’ll have an error message saying Google Voice for Chrome crashed. The page also wouldn’t open correctly due to the extension crash. I tried opening the extensions page to uninstall the extension, but even that page doesn’t open correctly. I can’t use Chrome now. Is there a way to uninstall extensions without going to the webpage of extensions?

    I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling, that didn’t work either – it somehow “remembered” that I had the extensions.

    Please help.


    • @Paul: I am not sure what might be going on, but you might try to uninstall Google Chrome itself, and then reinstall it.

  • sathish

    i reject google chrome. google chrome brouser is very low

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