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How To play Chess is a free chess learning application for Windows that helps you to learn to play chess. There are total 9 stages in this application. Using this chess learning application, you will get information about each piece of chess (pawn, king, bishop, knight, queen, and knight) and also how to move a particular piece. Thus, it provides basics of chess and is quite useful for kids and beginners who don’t have good idea about Chess.

Apart from this, you will also learn about two special situations: draw & casting and en passant. Moreover, in some stages, video tutorial is also available. But this application doesn’t provide exercises to train yourself. It only helps to learn basic rules and movements of chess pieces.

How To play Chess

Screenshot above shows stages (on left side) that will be available for you and an example of a stage.

How To Learn To Play Chess With This Chess Learning Application?

It is quite simple to use chess learning application. Starting with the first stage, it will provide history of chess and the way to arrange pieces in chess. You can move on step by step to other stages. Stages includes how to move the pawn, how to move the bishop, about the king, how to move the knight, about the draw and casting, about the en passant etc.

How To play Chess- stages

As you could see in the below screenshot, there will be images available in each stage that will show you how you can use a particular piece.

How To play Chess- draw and casting stage

Download and Installation Process:

How To play Chess will be installed with the help of a web installer named as ‘Bell Installer’. It is 1.14 mb in size and you can download it using the link available at the end. During the installation process, you need to download mandatory components like it is visible in below screenshot. It will take some time to download and install all the components.

How To play Chess- components to install

After that, you can create its desktop shortcut or start menu shortcut to run it and to learn to play chess.

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Key Features Present In How To play Chess are:

  • It is a simple chess learning application that will help beginners to understand the basics of chess.
  • It provides total 9 stages in which you can get detailed information about pieces of chess.
  • Video tutorials are also available in some of the stages.
  • You can move to previous or next stage anytime.
  • Anyone can use it for free.


How To play Chess is not much effective chess learning application for intermediate or advanced users. It only gives basic knowledge about how to arrange pieces in chess, how to move pieces, and a few special situations. It can be beneficial for kids or for those people who haven’t played or watched chess before. We have recently reviewed a more feature rich online chess application to learn to play chess named as Chessacademy.com. It provides multiple lessons and plenty of exercises to perform. You will learn to play chess much better with Chessacademy than this chess learning application.

To try How To play Chess yourself, click here!

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