How To Unlike Facebook Posts for A Specific Time Period

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This tutorial explains how to unlike Facebook posts for a specific time period. Facebook comes with an option to check which posts you’ve liked under Activity Log section and also lets you unlike any post. But the thing is, we can’t unlike Facebook posts in bulk, only one post can be unliked at a time. Still, there is a simpler way using which you can batch unlike Facebook posts for a specific time period. That simpler way is a free extension, which is known as “Social Book Post Manager“. This extension is available for Google Chrome.

This Chrome extension uses the activity log of your Facebook account to unlike Facebook posts in bulk. You can select a particular year and month (or all months for that year) and then it will mark all the posts for the specified time period. You can also apply a filter that will help you add some custom text and include/doesn’t include that text to find the posts that you need to unlike. The extension will scan activity log and then you can bulk unlike all those Facebook posts.

posts unliked successfully

In the screenshot above, you can see that I deleted a couple of posts using this extension.

Before using this extension, you should also note this extension also unlikes pages, comments, and other items. It is so because it selects all the posts from the activity log for a particular time period. So, to avoid unliking pages and comments, you need to manually uncheck such items after scanning and keep selected only posts.

How To Unlike Facebook Posts for A Specific Time Period?

Step 1: In this first step, open homepage of this Chrome extension and then install it. I have placed its homepage link at the end of this tutorial.

Step 2: After installing it, you can see its icon on the top right part of Chrome. You don’t have to click on extension icon yet.

extension icon

Step 3: Open a new tab and access your Facebook account. After that, you need to access “Activity Log” section of your Facebook account.


Step 4: Now click the extension icon and you will see its pop-up. Using that pop-up, you can select a particular year and a month (or all months) for which you want to unlike Facebook posts. In addition to that, you can also take the help of “Text Not Contains” and/or “Text Contains” options. These options help you narrow down the search and will select only those posts which contain/doesn’t contain text entered by you.

set options and press unlike button

When everything is set, press Unlike button. After that, confirm your action by pressing the OK button visible in the pop-up.

The extension will start scanning your activity log and then check all those posts which meet the options added by you. Now you have the option to uncheck some post/page if you don’t want to unlike it.

uncheck posts that you don't want to unlike

Step 5: In this final step, you can use “Confirm to delete” option as visible in the screenshot below and then press “Confirm” option.

confirm to delete

This extension one by one will unlike all the selected posts (including page likes, comments, etc.).

You may also check this tutorial to delete all Facebook messages and group chats at once.

The Conclusion:

There might be many posts, pages, and other items on Facebook that you liked earlier but now you’re not interested in those posts anymore. In that case, this extension is just fantastic. In just a few seconds, it will help you unlike all the posts for a particular year and month.

Get this extension.

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