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Remember the time when some uninvited guests dropped by unexpectedly to your private party while all you have left is a Milky Bar and a beer that you have saved for yourself as a reward for playing a good host? That is indeed an embarrassing moment that you would gladly erase from your memories! Solution? Ask your friends to bring along one dish each and create a complete meal.

In this article, I will talk about a particular site called Plinr that enables you to plan your potlucks online. You can create a link of your potluck and share it with your friends. You can plan who is gonna bring what, or let your friends choose which item they can contribute! You can also suggest friends to bring a particular dish.

Potlucks save you time and money. They enable you to focus on things  other than the preparation of meal. Now, lets check out how you can create a full-fledged menu for the reunion potluck that you are organizing.

Plinr Create Potluck

Plinr is extremely simple to use! You do not need to sign up or create an account. Simply go to the site and name your potluck! A link for that potluck will be created automatically. Now, you can share this link with your friends, or insert them in the e-invitations!

Plinr Share Link

In the “What are you bringing?” section, you can add the name of the dish that you are contributing! Click ‘Bring It!” to add it to Plinr. After sharing the link, your friends can fill in item names that they are bringing.

Plinr Potluck Menu

Under the “What should others bring?” section, you can suggest items that one can bring. After adding each item, click “Suggest it!” Your friends can then add their names against each suggestion, if they can bring it.Plinr Item Suggestion

While some find the concept of potluck rude, I find it quite practical. To be fair, it all depends on the type of gathering that you are planning for. Surely, it is a bad idea if you start asking your friends to bring along dishes on your birthday party! While you can use potlucks in almost any type of party, they are quite common in religious gatherings or community groups as they simplify the meal planning and distribute the cost among the members.


Thus, Plinr helps you plan your potlucks efficiently through a couple of simple steps. The simplicity of the site is the reason why I will recommend it if you ever plan to organize a potluck.


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