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Pepbot is a free temporary email address service that lets you create temporary disposable email address. You can then provide this temporary email address to any website that needs an email address for registration, and never have to share your real email address.

Whenever you are asked by a website to submit an email address, most of us hesitate. With Pepbot, a free temporary email address, supplying an email address to these websites is of no concern. It is common for websites, upon receiving your email address, to send an email in order to verify authenticity. Once verified, these sites often begin sending all sorts of spam and other unwanted mail.

With this free disposable email address you’ll never receive verification email to your real email address; you can just provide temporary email address.


How to Create Temporary Email Address:

For those that want to use Pepbot, no sign up is necessary. Whenever you are prompted to enter an email address simply enter a random word @ and the verification mail will be sent to the Pepbot short-term email address. In the event, you need to check email sent to this free temporary email address account, simply  go to, enter the random email address you used in the website and view what was sent. The last ten messages sent to that address are stored for a period of two hours before automatically deleting. There is no password; all mail coming into Pepbot is able to be viewed by anyone and any time – provided he or she has your made-up email address. As this free email disposable address service is public, it isn’t advisable to transmit sensitive or personal information.

Also check out other temporary email address services, and Firefox plugin to create temporary email address.

In the event you want Pepbot to automatically verify messages for you, simply end your random email address with ‘- a’ (like “[email protected]). When Pepbot receives verification email, it will automatically click in links on that, so that you don’t have verify email address. This free, easy-to-use temporary email service will relieve you of having to empty your spam folder constantly as well as having to deal with the mountains of useless, asinine newsletters, that seem to constantly fill our main email inbox.

The only downside of this free temporary email service is that it is unable to accept attachments. Perhaps this is a good thing, attachments can be, as we all know, dangerous. If surfing the Net and checking out various websites is something you enjoy; then you can enjoy it more using Pepbot the free, short-time, temporary email service.

Also, you cannot send email address using this temporary email address service, as that is not the intent.

Try Pepbot free here.

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