6 Free Services to get Temporary Email Address

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Here is a list of some free services that provide you temporary email address. Such disposable email addresses are very helpful when you want to sign up for a website on which you do  not want to give your actual email address, but still want to be able to check emails.

All these temporary email address services are completely free, and easy to use.

Dispostable Temporary Email Address


Dispostable is a free temporary email forwarding service for web users to avoid spam and marketing mails from various web pages. Create temporary email id in the fly and use any keyword as your username with suffix ‘@dispostable.com’. you can use the application service for number of reasons which compels you to use anonymous service. The application is rich in features and gives you great protection from phishing and spamming.

The web service is free of cost and stands by for limited time span only. You can create a number of email accounts with this application and distribute to the sites that ask for your email address for registration and log-on purpose. You can check your mail from the web site and forward relevant mails to your own email id. The unread emails messages older than 2 days are automatically deleted.

Its features:

  • No Registration
  • No Password
  • Auto generated inbox
  • Messages are kept 2 days

Try Dispostable here.

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Trashmail.net is another free temporary email address service that allows you to create number of email addresses with the web site. All the mails sent to these temporary emails will be forwarded to your real email id. The web application accepts 300 maximum active disposable email addresses for free account holder members. You can create a account with Trashmail.net just by filling the shortest form and start using the service.

The form filling will not take even a minute. You are only required to enter your temporary email id, your real id and the life span for which you want this temporary id to survive. Free registration offers span of up to one week to one month. Once the limit is reached, your temporary email id with Trashmail.net will be automatically deleted and all the mails like spam, newsletter, etc., will be rejected by Trashmail.net. You can also use various domain names with Trashmail. Using service like Trashmail is better than using free spam filtering software.

Try Trashmail here.


Mail4trash.com is a free web application that offers you free and temporary mailbox so that you can use it as a guard against the annoying email ads and marketing emails. Such mail service is very useful when it comes to online shopping spree or when you have to input your email id just for registration purpose. You will receive all the mails in this free mailbox, which is anonymous and doesn’t require any registration. The anonymous mailbox helps you to protect your real email account against spam. If you do not like the temporary mailbox anymore, you can simply get a new one.

Using this free service is all the easier. All you need is free mailbox from Mail4trash.com. Name your mailbox and then start using the domain for getting emails from distant and unwanted sources. When you register yourself in any site and give your mail4trash email id, you will receive all the mails from the source in this email id. If you have provided your real id to mail4trash then your non spam mails will be forwarded to your real id. You can use the temporary mailboxes from anywhere. You do not need any mail user agent.

Try Mail4Trash here.


YopMail is a free and quick email service that aims at protecting you from unwanted emails and email marketing ads. When you visit a website, they ask you for your email id and if you give your real id, then it is bound that annoying mails will clutter your mail box. Your information could be abused. Use YOPmail’s free disposable email addresses, to protect you against spam and phishing.

The best part of this particular email service is, you need not even fill up a form or anything. Just enter your name or any word prefix to ‘@yopmail.com’ and you automatically sign up for using mailbox of yopmail.com, thus you can sign up anywhere. Email sent to the ‘address’@yopmail.com is instantaneously created at YOPmail server. No registration required for checking your temporary inbox at YOPmail.

You can check your emails and mailbox instantly on the website. If you find something relevant in the mailbox, then same can be forwarded to your real email id. Messages are kept 8 days. You can also manually remove them. Try YopMail here.


Humaility.com is yet another free temporary email account creating web application, which does not, require any registration or password. Just add unique keywords to the prefix of the domain name and receive all the mails in the temporary mailbox. There are no exploits, spoofs, or hoaxes, what arrives in your humaility mailbox, stays in the mailbox. It achieves security through obscurity – there are no protection, no encryption, and no authentication procedures, but, really, who cares about your email. Thus, the mails you receive in the account are completely open and are ignored mail criterion.

All the mails received in the mailbox can be cleared in 24 hours. If you want to keep them little longer, that also is possible. Create mail account on the fly and just using the prefix and domain name in the sources would create automatic login for you in Humaility.com. You can also use various other domain names to send e-mail to and access the service: bugmenever.com, ignoremail.com, humaility.com, losemymail.com and many others. Try Humaility here.

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Mailinator is a free web service that provides you free temporary email accounts for disposing your unwanted emails and messages. Create simple and free email accounts with the web service which are temporary in nature and will receive all the unwanted emails and spam from other websites and protects you from annoying email ads.

When you give out the email address with this web service your account is created automatically. You can use the service for creating temp mail ids for giving it out, use it in webforms, posting it on forums. Use it any time you need an email address, but do not want to be slowed down by the sign-up process or spammed for eternity. Interestingly, unlike any other web email service, you can check your mails right from the website but also via RSS, widget or also via your web browser. Try Mailinator here.

All these free temporary email address service make it extremely easy to quickly get a temporary email address, that you can use while registering with a website.

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