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Diff Text is an online application that allows you to compare text online. This free online tool is capable of highlighting the changes as well as the matching content in different colors. Using it, you can compare text online on the basis of lines, words, and letters. This way Diff Text becomes a simple, yet effective content reviewing application.

Diff Text is likely to prove as an effective solution for coders and developers. I believe in re-usability of code and most of the times I implement same code and CSS with modified parameters. In my case Diff Text allowed me to quickly verify whether all parameters were changed accordingly by highlighting the differences. One thing that I would like to make clear in beginning is that Diff Text works for binary content only.

Getting started at Diff Text is very simple with no requirement for registering an account. On the homepage, you will be provided with the set of four links.

Compare Text Online Using Diff Text:


The interesting part is that you can opt for any. The functionalities to compare text online on each are same with a bit of variation in the user interface.

  • In the next step, you will have to paste the original content in either of the textboxes and then paste the modified content in the other textbox.
  • Then select the criteria for comparison using the radio-buttons placed below the textbox. At last, click on ‘compare Text’ button and the text comparison will be performed for you.

* It is suggested that you eliminate the prepopulated ‘#1’ and ‘#2’ from the textboxes in the very beginning.

* There is no point in comparing unrelated text and I am sure that you will attempt something like that.


While evaluating Diff Text, following limitations got highlighted:

  • You cannot upload files directly to compare text online. Manual copy-paste appears somewhat hectic and time-consuming. Alternatively, you can try CompareMyFiles online application for comparing two text files online.
  • You can only compare text using Diff Text i.e. no support is offered for effective text editing.

The Final Verdict:

Diff Text is a nice, simple, and free online applications. As per my view, Diff Text is second to none in comparison with similar applications to compare text online like Text File Compare, and CompareMyFiles.

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