Create Your Visual Technical Resume Based on GitHub Repositories

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Here is a free service to create your visual technical resume based on GitHub repositories. This service is named as ““. It uses all your public GitHub repositories to build an attractive resume. In that resume, you can see beautiful graphs showing which languages (Python, Java, C++, etc.) used by you for commits, LOC (lines of code), the list of repositories where you posted commits, overview graph, total number of commits, team, and languages in each repository, etc. The resume contains both text as well as graphs which makes it interesting.

A fun facts section is also created in the resume where you can see which language you like the most while adding commits or other things, your most productive days (when you posted something on GitHub), and LOC per commit. So, pretty good information is added to the resume.

visual technical resume based on github repositories

In the screenshot above, you can see visual technical resume which is based on my GitHub repositories. When the resume is generated, you can also share the URL of that resume with anyone.

How To Create Your Visual Technical Resume Based on GitHub Repositories?

Step 1: At the end of this article, homepage link of this service is available. Click that link.

Step 2: The homepage of this service contains a “Build with GitHub” button. Click on that button and it will prompt you to login with your GitHub account and authorize Sourcerer service to access your account.

use build with github button

That’s it! As soon as you do that, the service fetches data from your GitHub repositories and presents a technical resume based on all of your public repos.

Check the resume where you will see different graphs and text content for:

  • Languages used by you for LOC and commits.
  • Fun facts based on your GitHub activities.
  • Repository facts where you can see how many languages you used in each repo, total number of commits, and team for each repo.
  • Overview which helps to see the total number of commits and LOC done by you in each month separately.

view resume

Use the resume and share its URL with anyone you want.

The Conclusion:

This is an interesting service to try. GitHub users who want to make such type of visual technical resume based on their repositories, this service is worth trying. Everything is extremely simple and the output resume is fantastic. I wish it would had provided the feature to download the resume as PDF, DOC, DOCX, etc., but still, the service does its job very well.

Try this service.

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