Discover Recent Activities of any GitHub User (Commits, Comments, Stars)

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Here is a free service to discover recent activities of any GitHub user. This service is named as “Gitstalk“. From comments to commits, branch to repo, you can see what a particular user has done recently on GitHub. A lot of important items are visible in the latest activities of a GitHub user. For example, you can see the issue closed by user on a particular date, comment created on an issue, repo starred by user, branch created, commit pushed to a particular repository, branch deleted, and more. That simply means you can track what a GitHub user has done recently.

Though GitHub also provides feature to check contribution activity of a user by accessing user profile, there you can see only the total number of commits in repositories, total number of repositories created, created issues, opened issues, etc. This service on the other hand gives a lot more information. You will see the difference yourself once you will try this service.

latest activities of a github user

Let’s check the screenshot added below. As you can see, this service is showing all the latest activities of a particular GitHub user. Each activity is visible separately with the necessary information and date. The repo link is also provided where some commit, comment, or other activities has happened. This helps you quickly access that repo.

Now see the screenshot that I added below. This is the contribution activity section for the same user on GitHub. You can clearly see the difference and that’s why this service is handy.

contribution activity of a user on github

How To Discover Recent Activities of any GitHub User Using This Free Service?

This service doesn’t require any sign up and there is no premium plan as well. Just open the homepage of this service. You can use the link given at the end of this article to open its homepage.

The homepage provides a search box where you need to enter username of a specific GitHub user. Or else, you can also use randomize user option which will show latest activities of any random user available on GitHub.

enter github username to discover latest activities

Use any option and the service will generate the result. You can also see the user profile picture, stars received, total number of followers, following, user joined date, location, last updated, and other information on the left section. The right section will show the latest activities where you can see comment created on a repository, issue reopened, issue closed, repo forked, repository created, etc.

user information and latest activities

For each activity, there is link for the associated repo. Use that link or simply check other activities or discover recent activities of some other users.

The Conclusion:

This is simply an awesome service to discover the latest activities of a GitHub user. Every single activity is presented to you with the correct information. The good thing is it also provides repo link for each activity. So, you can easily access that repo and take the necessary action without finding that repo manually.

Try this service.

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