Aggregate Data from Multiple Sources: Metricly

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Update 2022: This service no longer exists. Please try out some other alternative instead.

Metricly is a free service to aggregate data from multiple sources like Google Analytics, Facebook, Salesforce, Twitter, Zendesk, and more. Metricly is an easy and flexible solution to aggregate data at one place. The best way to combine and compare data all over the web at one place is Metricly.

The data on the web is placed at different locations which is very time consuming for business analyst to find and compare data. Metricly can match data for around sixty sites at a single place. Metricly can pull data from other programs like Google Analytics, Salesforce, Twitter, Facebook, Mailchimp, Zendesk, and many more. Metricly creates graph and pulls data from different places such as web, media, financial system. The user can view the flow of information and filter information.


With data at one place Metricly provide a powerful and consistent set of tools to analyze metrics. There are graphs, subtotals, rollups, filter and insight that helps in taking action. All these data are graph together at a single place.

The main feature of Metricly is that it is fast and easy to set up. It is a unique application that has the ability to do some heavy lifting of data. Data from multiple sources are aggregated and charts can compared to gather essential information.

Metricly doesn’t make recommendation or analysis, its main purpose is to gather data at one place. The user is provided with a dashboard that is capable of unifying all data and visualizes and compare results.  Metricly also provide guidance for business analyst on what data they are looking for. Also check out free online CRM for businesses.

Uses of Metricly which makes it unique and different are:

  • Metricly makes it easier for a user to stay at top of business because all information is gathered at same place.
  • There is no need to log into one or other location, Metricly provide same information once and all. Once connected it will automatically update the data and helps in understanding business better. There is no need to change any settings, only dash board need to be installed.
  • Now Metricly has become a feature of larger products, the products that generate graphs, summary, analysis, interpretations. Now you can add custom metrics for your own data source as well.

The use of Metricly services are freely available, but for higher services like connecting to database cost $75-100 per user per month. Metricly is becoming quite popular.

So check out new exciting features of Metricly, which enhance and upgrades your business by reviewing data, charts and many facilities at a single place.

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