Read Quran Online for Free on These free Websites

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This post covers some best free websites to read Quran online for free. On these websites, you can read Quran with translation and recitation. There are some other tools that you can use which will make your reading easy. On most of these websites, you can read Quran without any distraction. These websites allow you to read Quran according to the chapters and juz. You can select any chapter and start reading it. In some of them, you can even save the bookmarks so that you won’t forget your last position.

Reading Quran online has its own advantages. On these websites, you will get a copy of the whole Quran that you can read. Also, some of these websites can show you the translation as well. And not only this, on some of these websites, there is a night mode as well that will help you read Quran in dark. And in the following list, I will talk about 5 such websites that you can use.

Read Quran Online for Free on These free Websites

Read Quran Online for Free on These free Websites:

Quran dot com free online Quran Reader is probably the most authentic website out there that you can use to read Quran. It provides iOS and Android apps as well that you can use right on your phone to read Quran. The interface of this website is quite intuitive and responsive as well. You can read Quran by opening it in your mobile’s browser as well. There you can read the Quran from the beginning or you can choose any specific chapter to read it. It opens the Quran with translation and then you can read. You can even hear the audio version of any verse and there is an option in it to copy a verse as well and sharing on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter.

For reading Quran, this website offers you some very nice features. You can either use the translation mode or the simple reading mode for reading the Quran. And there is a night mode option in case you are in a dark room. And the best part is that here you will find the translation of Quran in any language. Just open the translation options from the sidebar then select any option that you want.

There is no signup required to use it. Just go to the homepage of this website and then select any chapter. And it will open the corresponding page for you and you can start your reading. For customization options like font size, translation, night mode, switch to the panel on the right side. The website is responsive and you can easily use it in your mobile as well.

Quran Explorer

Quran Explorer free Quran reader online

Quran Explorer is another free very good website to read Quran online for free. There are two versions available; one is classic version for desktop and one is mobile friendly. You can open any version based on the device you are using. It opens a dual pane interface on which you can see the verse of the Quran on the right side and their translation on the other side.

You can easily start reading the Quran from any chapter, any verse or any juz. There is no night mode but there is a recitation feature. You can play the recitation and listen to it. It highlights the current line in the recitation mode and there are options in it to change the highlighting of the text as well.

Just go to the homepage of this website and then open the online Quran. You can open any verse, juz and then start reading it. Or, if you want to just hear it and then turn on the recitation using the play button at the bottom side. Additionally, there are options to change the translation by different people. Also, you can choose different voices for the recitation as well.


Quranflash free online Quran for reading

Quranflash website offers you a free Quran that you can read and do study on the translation. This website gives you a lot of features that will make the reading of Quran easy for you. You can open any chapter to read and choose any verse. Also, there are options for zoom, page navigation, and recitation. In addition to this, if you want to read the Quran according to the juz then can do that. There is a list of chapters on the left side and you can see the place where the chapter was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.

Signing up is not necessary on this website. Just reach the homepage and then start reading the Quran. Also, this website is built on Flash. So, you will have to allow Flash from your browser in order to see its interface properly. And then you can start reading the Quran in any way you like. By default, the translations are turned off. And to see the translation of any verse, simply hover over it. And from the popup options select the transaction option to see it.


The Quran free online reader

Al-Quran is yet another free website that you can try to read Quran online for free. Here you can read the Quran on a simple interface with translation and transliteration. Just choose any chapter from its main interface and then start reading. It has mobile responsive interface and you use it to read Quran on your phone as well. Additionally, there is an option to get a link of a specific verse of a chapter and options to change the font size of the Arabic text.

Just like most of the websites in this list, you don’t have to sign up for it to use it. just reach home page, select the chapter you want to read and it will open that for you. You can read the Quran in the Arabic language and see the corresponding translation as well. And if you are not good at Arabic then there is English transliteration of the Arabic text as well. You can use that to read the Quran.

Quran by SearchTruth

Free online quran by search truth

SearchTruth is the last free website in my list that offers a free Quran for you to read online. The interface here is a bit simple and pretty straightforward. You just simply choose the chapter and the corresponding verse that you want to read and it will open the corresponding page for you. There are different styles of Quran layout available and you can choose anyone that you like. There is not many features as I have explained for above websites. You just read the Quran on the simple interface of the website.

Use the above link to reach the homepage of this website. And then you can select the verse or chapter which you want to read. And then you can start your reading. After reaching the website, you can start reading Quran from any position. There are navigation buttons to turn the pages which you can use. That’s it, this is only what you can do on this website as the other features are not here like recitation or translation.

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Final thoughts

For reading Quran online, I found these websites to be the perfect ones. If you want to read Quran online then you can use any of these. Personally, I really like the and Quran Explorer because of their useful customization and translation features. You can use others too if you want some simple websites to read Quran. All these websites are very good and offer some really nice features that you will like to make your reading distraction free.

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