3 Online Bracket Maker Free Websites

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Here are 3 free online bracket maker websites. You can create a tournament bracket or bracket for other games and then take print of that particular bracket. Later, you can enter team names and complete the bracket based on the rounds and the final winner. Some of these websites also let you fill the bracket by adding team or player names.

Apart from generating bracket online, all websites are helpful to take print using global hotkey (Ctrl+P) without adding any watermark. Some websites also let you export bracket in some file format (like PDF and Excel) also.

Let’s check these free online bracket makers one by one.

Free Bracket Generator

Free Bracket Generator- interface

Free Bracket Generator (Homepage) is one of the interesting websites on this list. This website lets you create blank brackets for some tournament or other games as well as create bracket with team names. The output bracket can be saved as PDF file to PC.

You can also adjust different options before generating a bracket. This website lets you set output bracket paper size (Letter, Legal, A4, or custom), bracket style (brackets start on left or both sides), show team names or create a blank bracket. For each bracket type, you can set paper margin, team name font, team name alignment, title font, title font style, etc.

Set these options and then you can generate output with a single click.


BracketCloud- interface

BracketCloud (Homepage) is a multiple website. It comes with free online bracket generator, Round Robbin, and Ladder maker features. Its free sign up plan lets you store bracket online in your account as well as take print of bracket anytime. For bracket maker, you can set tournament name and the name of players in the available fields. It also lets you prepare the final bracket by selecting a particular winner from each pair, adding the score of players, etc.

One unique feature that comes with this online bracket maker is you can attach image file with each pair of players in the bracket. The attached file won’t come in the print, of course, but it is handy when you have saved your bracket online.

Use the options to generate table, access print window, and take a print of your tournament bracket.

Online Brackets

Online Brackets website

Online Brackets (Homepage) is also a nice option to generate brackets for tournaments or other games and then save your bracket(s) to PC. This website lets you save the output bracket as Excel file (in xlsx format).

In the free plan of this online bracket maker, you can add maximum 16 players or team names per tournament and create a single KO (knock out), double KO, round robin, or qualification bracket. I guess the free plan is quite good to use.

While creating a bracket, you can also add late registration, make a player winner along with his/her score, and update the bracket. Or else, you can generate a blank bracket. After that, you can export bracket as XLSX format to PC.

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The Conclusion:

Here I end this list covering some really useful bracket maker websites. Use them for tournaments or some other activities. While some other online bracket makers also exist but such sites don’t give feature to print your bracket without watermark or save bracket to PC. Therefore, these sites are better to use in such cases. My favorite here is “Free Bracket Generator”.

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