Free Windows 8 Sudoku Game App With 5 Levels: Microsoft Sudoku

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Microsoft Sudoku is a free Windows 8 Sudoku game app published by Microsoft. It has a very clean interface and five different levels to chose from: Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. Select any one difficulty level as per your choice and start playing this amazing number game.

Sudoku is a number replacement game. You need to arrange a 9*9 grid board with numbers in such a way that each row and column of that board contains digits from 1 to 9 and no digits are repeated in a single row or column. You need to use your logical skills for this amazing number replacement game.

Every time you start a new game, a timer starts. You can track the time you are taking to solve the board with the timer. If you are struck somewhere in the game, then you can take hints as well. You can even block duplicates and can even check the incorrect moves on the board.

The game has great graphics, like any other Microsoft game, like: Microsoft Treasure Hunt. The download size of this game app 98.7 MB.

Microsoft Sudoku

Solving Sudoku With This Windows 8 Sudoku Game:

You can get Microsoft Sudoku game app free from Windows store by using the link given at the end of this review.

In classic Sudoku, you are given a board with 9*9 grid. The grid is divided into 3*3 sub-grids or boxes. You need to fill the all the grids with 1 to 9 digits in such a way that no digits are repeated in a single row, column or not even in boxes. So improve and show your logical skills with this Windows 8 number replacement Sudoku game.

After launching the game app, you will find five different levels: Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert and Daily challenges.

Microsoft Sudoku-Home

Click on any level as per your skills to get started. You will find a board on which few numbers are fixed. Just below the board, you are given a number plate with digits 1 to 9. Use those numbers to fill the board.

Microsoft Sudoku-Board

If you are struck somewhere in the game, then you can take hints as well. You can even use Block Duplicates. This option will help you in not filling any digit twice in any row, column, or in box.

This game also lets you see notes. Notes show the probability of appearance of digits in each cell. To check notes, right click anywhere on the screen, and then tap on Show Notes option.

After completing any board, fireworks starts, like in Microsoft Solitaire. You can also check the time and hints, you took to solve the puzzle on the scoreboard. You can also share the scoreboard with your friends and can compete with them.

Microsoft Sudoku-Level Complete

This Sudoku game has daily challenges as well. In daily challenges you are given three modes to play: Irregular, Easy Symbols, and Medium Symbols.

Microsoft Sudoku-Daily Challenges

Symbols mode provides a board with 9 different symbols. In this mode, you need to fill the board with 9 provided symbols without repeating any symbol in the same row, column, or box. I find this mode to be quite unique and interesting to play.

Microsoft Sudoku-Daily Challenges symbols

Also try another Sudoku app for Windows 8: Sudoku Pro.


Microsoft Sudoku is an amazing and unique game app to play the classic Sudoku game in Windows 8. The five different difficulty levels in the game makes this game more interesting to play. The new and interesting thing, I find about this app is it has a Symbol Mode in daily challenges. You will surely enjoy Microsoft Sudoku game app for Windows 8.

Get Microsoft Sudoku here.

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