Free Notes app for Windows 8: Notes Maker+

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Notes Maker+ is a free notes app for Windows 8 that allows you to take notes in a simple and minimalistic manner. This notes app has pretty much a plain vanilla looking interface. If you are in need of a simple notes app for Windows 8 that gives you the ability to take notes long notes in a minimalistic environment then this app is just for you.

The good or the bad part about this free notes app for Windows 8 is it’s straightforward and minimalistic interface; how you feel about the app totally depends on your taste and needs.

You can download this notes app for Windows 8 from the link provided at the end of the post. The link will re-direct the browser that you are using to the Windows Store web page from where you can download and install the app into your PC. After that you can run the app from the start screen as any other Windows 8 app.

Notes app for Windows 8

The interface of this app is really simple and it consists of main window that looks as seen above in the interface and is divided into two parts. One part shows the title and little details about the notes on the left part of the app window; the other shows the details about the note that you selected from the list on the right part of the screen. To add new notes into this notes app just right-click anywhere in the empty part of the app window and an option menu will come up as shown below in the screenshot. Now all you need to do is click on the add button and you will be presented with an interface from where you can add a new note in this app.

Notes Maker

If you want to edit a note then again we will have to use the same option menu as shown above. But now to edit a note you will have to right-click on the note and you will be presented with the same option menu. Now can can edit or remove the note by using this option menu.

Notes Maker   Notes app for Windows 8

One of my personal favorite feature of Windows 8 apps is that they run in the snap mode. While some of app don’t run prefectly in the snap mode, this one works just fine in the snap mode as seen below in the screenshot. In this manner you can read or take down a note while multitasking.

Free Notes app for Windows 8

To get this free notes app for Windows 8 click on this link. Also if you would like try out a notepad app for Windows 8 then click here.

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