Simple Notepad App For Windows 8: Note Sphere

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Note Sphere is a free notepad app for Windows 8. If you were looking for a simple app that lets you take notes or write down stuff quickly, then you need to try out Note Sphere.

This simple little notepad app for Windows 8 provides you with a simple interface where you note down things in a simple way and without going to any hassle and fuss. You can even pin a note to start screen of Windows 8 using this app.

Note Sphere has a very straightforward and simple interface as seen in the below screenshot. This notepad app for Windows 8 allows you to create notes, share them, pin these notes to the start screen, save them as text files on the computer etc. These features makes this app really useful notepad app.

Simple Notepad App For Windows 8 Note Sphere

The screenshot below shows a note pinned to the start screen in Windows txt file to the start screen windows 8 note sphere

You can get Note Sphere from the Windows Store whose link is at the end of this post. After you have successfully installed, this notepad app for Windows 8 then run it and you will have UI in front of you as seen in the first screenshot of this post. The interface of the app is really simple. All notes that you take, their basic details are shown on the left side of the app and when you click on that the whole note will be shown in the right part of the app window.

To add a new note to the app, just click on the add button which is located on the top right corner of the app window and if you want to delete a certain app then all you need to do is click on the delete button which is located just besides the add note button, click on the delete button while you have the note opened that you want to delete.

To access the other options in the app, you will have to right-click on the empty black part of the app. This will bring up the option menu as shown in the below screenshot. This menu will allow you to create categories, delete them, save the note to a file, open txt files in the app, backup/restore notes, move motes, pin notes to the start screen etc. In this manner the app provides you with a host of useful features that enhance the usability of this notepad app for Windows 8.

option menu notepad for windows 8 note sphere

If you would like to have a really simple and basic notepad app for your Windows 8 device then you ought to try out Note Sphere. Get this free notepad app for Windows from here. If you like feature rich desktop app then try out the ever popular Notepad++. Also try out Quick Note which is another simple note taking app for Windows 8.

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