Automatically Defragment Computer When Idle: Auslogics Disk Defrag Screensaver

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Auslogics Disk Defrag Screensaver is a free defragmentation software that helps you in performing your disk defragmentation tasks when your computer is idle.

It is nothing but a screensaver which performs the defragmentation task when you are not busy. So, whenever you computer is idle for a long time, and the screensaver comes up, this software also starts doing defragmentation in the background. Quite a nice idea.

It is free for home use and you can download it from the following website.


Features of Auslogics Disk Defrag Screensaver

  • It is a free defragmentation software.
  • It is nothing but a modification of a screensaver.
  • However, such modification has also included a process that helps in disk defragmentation.
  • The disk defragmentation task is performed only when the system remains idle and at no other point of time.
  • The screensaver shows the disk defragmentation task wonderfully.
  • It is automatic and you do not need to interfere in this disk defragmentation task.
  • However, whenever you get back to work, the software stops its functioning automatically.
  • It shows a beautifully designed disk defragmentation map.
  • You can also choose which disks you want to defragment by the options in the settings.
  • Like any other screensaver you can also get preview of how the screensaver will show for this software.


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How to Defragment Computer Automatically When It is Idle:

  • This free defragmentation software is one of the easiest one and once installed you need not have any problem with it.
  • After downloading the software go through the installation process and once it is completed you will be shown the screensaver options in the Display Properties window. There you can get the preview and the settings.
  • In the settings you can include or exclude any disk drive where you do not want the disk defragmentation to be performed.


This software is a great defragmentation software for your windows platform and is highly rated by users. So you can also check it out for your desktop as well.

Download Auslogics Disc Defrag Screensaver free.

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