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Secret Notes is a free software which lets you password protect your notes and keeps them secure. Every now and then you’re going to run into a situation where you don’t feel comfortable or secure writing down notes on a piece of paper and keeping them near your computer. Secret Notes can keep information that needs to be secure, secure.

Safe, Secure, and Small Installation Package

The installer for Secret Notes is quite small at just two Megabytes. Installed program takes up about twenty-eight Megabytes of memory. Unlike most purveyors of freeware, softorino, the maker of Secret Notes, distributes their code through a number of highly respected sites, such as tucows, Brothersoft, Cnet, and softonic, so you can be sure the download is free of malicious software.

Password Protect Secret Notes Does One Thing-And Does It Well

Secret Notes doesn’t have all sorts of bells and whistles. It does on thing, and it does that one thing quite well. It allows you to write notes to yourself, like passwords, or your kids’ Christmas lists, and keep them safe and secret from prying eyes, like your kids looking to find out what you plan on buying them for Christmas.

After you install the program, it’ll ask you for a password, twice. Choose the password and confirm it, type thing. Not too different from other programs with built-in security. But when I installed the program and setup my password, I closed the program, waited a few minutes, and then reopened the program. It asked for my password, twice. That was surprising, but it was the only time it happened. In order to gain access to the program, each time you launch it, you have to input the password. This keeps it secure. You can also lock the notes if you step away from your computer and leave the program running.

This is a handy little program. I think I’ll be keeping it to use as my password list, instead of writing them down next to my computer and putting the page into my wallet. You have full control over the color of what you type, but you have no choices as far as the font and size of that text. That’s about the worst thing I can say about Secret Notes.

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Works With: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Free/Paid: Free

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