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Update (3-Oct-2011): McAfee Site Advisor has started reporting website of this software as dangerous website. So, we have removed the link to the program.

Calaym is a lightweight, free music player, which will play taking the lowest resources possible on your PC. There are many music players available now that are full of features and they are heavy on system resources too. The main reason behind that is the use of highly skinned interface that makes it more resource hungry. If you are running a machine which is not more than 2-3 years old then you will not notice the lag but for the old machines these players are really monstrous. Many gamers also look for lightweight music players because they want to play music while they are gaming and for that too Calaym is a great option. This free music player just looks like a Windows program that just plays music.


Using Calaym is very easy. If you have ever used any music player, you will be able to play music using Calaym. To start, just add songs to the playlist from the File menu in the menu bar. As there is no fancy icons you will not have to memorize which means which and you will be able to perform all functions from the Menu bar. The Options and Tools menu will let you discover all the features and functions of the player.

Though it is a simple music player do not underestimate it about its features. It has some impressive features like Unicode support, windows explorer functions etc. besides other usual media player features. It has some unique features like disabling windows sounds automatically while playback. Many options are also available when you right-click on the songs in your playlist. The requirements of this player is laughable comparing to the computers of last 5 years but it also ensures that it will be very light on resources.  Last played songs are available in a drop down list. You can also use timer settings to control this free audio player.

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Features of Calaym:

  • Very lightweight and low on resources
  • The interface is very simple with a windows 98 like look
  • All the options are found in the menu bar

This player is only 2.3MB in size and compatible with all Windows versions. Try Calaym free.

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Works With: Windows 95 or higher
Free/Paid: Free

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