Synonyms Add-On for Google Docs To Get Synonyms in Google Docs

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Update 2022: This addon no longer exists. We recommend you to use this addon instead.

Thesaurus Pro is a free synonym add-on for Google Docs that helps to get synonyms for any word within the document. Here, the best part is that you have the choice whether you want to view synonyms for the text available in the document or want to search any other word.

Another great feature that comes with this add-on is that you can search synonyms for:

  • Phrasal verbs: look up, looking after, looking forward to, keep on, give up, hurry up, etc.
  • Plural nouns (men, children, etc.).
  • Conjugated forms (for example, break, breaks, breaking, etc.).

Where other synonym sites and similar tools can show synonyms for only a direct word. This feature is really fantastic in this add-on.

get synonyms for any word google docs add-on

Above you can see the synonyms visible on the sidebar of this Google Docs add-on.

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How to Get Synonyms with Google Docs using this Synonyms Add-On

This Google Docs add-on is very simple. First of all, you have to open its homepage and sign in to your Google account. After that, you can install this add-on.

After installation, it will ask your permission to run. Grant the permission and then you can use it. Go to Add-ons → Thesaurus Pro → Open. This will immediately open the sidebar of this add-on.

open sidebar

The Sidebar provides a Search area. Here, you can enter any word whether available in the document or not, and press Enter. It will start the processing and then show the synonyms.  You can view noun, verb, and adjective separately.

search for synonyms using the sidebar

Use any synonym and then you can search the synonyms for other words.

The Verdict:

No doubt, this is a pretty good add-on. We can easily get the synonyms for any word without leaving the tab. However, it is not clear if it fetches result from the database of some other website or it has the own database. Also, the add-on can be more useful / convenient if an option to show synonyms of a text available the document just by double-clicking or selecting is added. Overall, this Synonyms add-on for Google Docs is worth trying.

Editor Ratings:
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