Create Plotter-like Line Drawings of Portraits: PINTR

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In this article, you will read about a free web application that creates plotter-like line drawings of the portraits, Pintr.

If you usually like the line drawings, then there are various tools available online that can provide you the tool to create simple line drawings. However, you are looking for an online tool where you can get a portrait turn into a line drawing, then Pintr is the website you’re looking for.

Pintr is a free online web application that allows you to create the plotter like line drawings of the portraits or other selfie images in just few seconds. This web tool is created by Javier Bórquez,, a software developer interested in creating the front end designs and simple gaming tools as well.

Create Plotter-like Line Drawings of Portraits: PINTR

Pintr is a simple to use web application that mostly do all the work on its on. It creates your selfie or the digital portrait into a line drawing in seconds. You can also enjoy the animation of the line drawing during the process as well. The result image can be used on any of the social media platform or for hyping the online presence as well.

This web tool is like a small simple gaming type platform where you can tweak the settings of the application of adjust the resulting image to your liking. All you have to do is, start by visiting this website, and the upload the image, rather a portrait, on this web application. Then the web application will do its job automatically.

Upload Image

There are various controls given below the image. “Lines” will help you increase of decrease the density of the lines in the line drawing. “Contrast” will help in setting up the contrast of the light or whites against the dark lines in the images. “Definition” will provide a sharper edge to the resulting line drawing image. “Single Line” will enhance the chances of formation of the resulting line drawing with more single lines than the double lines. “Face Detection” will help in the identifying the face in case the picture has a lot of other elements, such as other landscape elements, hence it will give preference to the face in the image.

Edit Photo

You can play with all these options and find the perfect line drawing of your portrait with the help of this application.

Download Line Drawing

Once you are satisfied with the image, you can download the resulting line drawing image in two formats, .PNG and .SVG.

In brief

Pintr is one of its own kind of web application that allows you create the plotter-like line drawing of the portrait or a selfie in just a few seconds. The animated part of the creation of the line drawing is a fun part of this web application.

Try this web application here.

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