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Sayable is an interesting website to share long URLs with anyone, by just sharing 3 easy words. You go to Sayable website, enter any URL, and it will give you 3 easy to remember words. Now, whenever you want to retrieve the original URL, just go back to Sayable website, enter those words again, and it will open the URL for you. So, the only thing you need to remember are those 3 words, instead of a complicated URL :)

Let’s say there is a long URL that you want to open on multiple PCs. Traditionally, you would email that URL to yourself and then open the email on all PCs to access the URL. This is where Sayable comes handy. Instead of emailing the URL to yourself, you can just create 3 easy words for that URL, and then open Sayable website on all PCs to quickly access the URL.

Sayable Homepage

Now, why would you use such a service? Here are a few use cases:

  1. Open URL in multiple PCs, without a need to email that URL around.
  2. This is especially useful in podcasts, if you want to give out a long complicated URL. This service makes it super easy as you can just tell your users to go to this website and type the 3 words that you give.
  3. If you are browsing a URL on desktop and want to open it on your mobile, you can use this.

I am sure there are lot of other use cases where this service could be helpful.

Do note that this service is not totally unique. I have been personally using a similar service called JotOnce since last few years to accomplish the same. I actually find JotOnce better than Sayable, as JotOnce requires just one word, and you can choose your own word. Also, you can set expiration time for your note.

However, one aspect of Sayable that I like better is that it directly opens the URL after you have typed your words, instead of showing you the URL, and then requiring you to copy – paste it.

How to Share Long URLs with Easy to Remember Words:

When you go to the homepage of this website, you will see that there is just a textbox on its interface. This is all that is required! If you are looking to share a URL, just paste the URL there, and it will give you 3 words that you can share.

If you want to retrieve a URL, you again need to go to this website, add your 3 words in the same box (remember, you have to add the words in the correct sequence), and it will open the URL for you.

That’s all there is to this website.

My Wishlist:

I do find this website useful, though I will probably stick to using JotOnce for the time being. However, I feel if some more features could be added to this, then it could become the real winner:

  • Option to specify your own words
  • Option to set some expiration option
  • Option for password protection
  • Some basic analytics, like how many times URL accessed (though, this can indirectly be measured by shortening the URL via a service like or, and seeing metrics in that).

All in all, this is definitely an interesting website. Do check it out and let me know what you think of this concept.

Sayable Homepage.

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