Attach Photos, Add Tags, Create Groups to Preserve Memories Online

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Memrify is a free and multiplatform online service that allows you to preserve memories of your life online. You can attach photos to your memories to make them more meaningful. Using this service, you can store all your beloved and lovable memories and can easily access them from anywhere and whenever you want. Moreover, you can add tags and names of people with whom you have shared a particular memory. This will help you to quickly find out a specific memory from bunch of memories.

Other than this, you can use advanced filtering facility of this service to quickly search for a memory. This service is so easy to use where you can create your own groups (private or public) and can invite people to join. By creating groups, you will be able to share memories with people associated with those memories.

Memrify 01 preserve memories of your life

See the above screenshot of Memrify showing you added memories with photos. You too can use this free service by creating a free account or using your Facebook account. As this service is multiplatform, so you can use it from new mobile browsers too like for Android and iPhone.

How To Preserve Memories of Your Life Using Memrify?

Create an account with Memrify by accessing its homepage. Link for its homepage is present at the end part. After creating account, you will be provided a small tutorial that will help you to understand about this service easily. You can skip this tutorial if you want. Start adding text on available text bar to create heading of your memory and description. See the below screenshot. Once you have written text regarding your memory, you can use preset tags (like feelings attached, had a business meeting, drinking etc.) or you can write your own tags on available box. Likewise you can write the persons names with whom your memory is attached.

Memrify 02 preserve memories of your life

Adding tags and people names will help you quickly filter and find out desired memory from plenty of other memories. Once you have done this, hit ‘Save the memory button’ to save your memory. This way you can create and store as much memories as you want. And for adding photo to a specific memory, click on ‘Upload a photo’ option.

Create Groups, Invite People & Share Memories:

For creating a group, you need to click on ‘<< icon’ available at top left corner of your Memrify account. Here you can write any desired name for your group, and can adjust the privacy (private or public).

Memrify 03 preserve memories of your life

Once after creating a group, you can invite people by typing their username in the available field. Here is a shortcoming of this service that you cannot invite people by sending them invitation to their email address. You can only invite people who have created their account in Memrify. So for inviting your friends to group(s), your friends need to create an account so that you can search them and add them to your group.

Memrify 04 preserve memories of your life

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Key Features of Memrify:

  • Simple way to store memories of your life.
  • Add photos to your memories with tags and people names. It will help you quickly search an added memory.
  • Create groups & share memories with associated people.
  • Link your Facebook account with Memrify. But this feature is not so useful, it is only used for fast sign ins in future.
  • Featured with an advanced filter to quickly find out a memory by providing date, tags, and people names. See the below screenshot:

Memrify 05 preserve memories of your life

  • Free of cost for everyone.


Memrify is a simple and useful service which helps to store memories that you never want to lose. Store memories, add tags, and access them from anywhere using Memrify. To give a try to this service, click on the link available below:

Try Memrify free of cost.

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