Free Chrome App To Store Memories Of Your Life: the little memory

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the little memory is a free app available for Chrome that helps you to store little memories of your life. Any kind of little memory you can save like your first phone, anniversary related memories, day-to-day memories etc. It will let you store your memories in a time capsule and you can view all of those memories anytime you want. You can even add a picture with your memory.

Not only you can save memories, you can even share your lovely memories using Twitter, Tumblr, and Gmail. And not just view your own memories, infact you can view memories added by other people. Never miss any special or small memory of your life. Store and save them using the little memory.

the little memory 01

Some Key Features of the little memory:

  • Save any special or small memory to this time capsule.
  • Never miss any touching part of your life.
  • Add photo to a specific memory.
  • Share memories by using Twitter, Gmail etc.
  • Reminder facility to remind you about saving a memory.
  • Shows comparison graph for you and world.

the little memory 02

How To Use the little memory?

The very first step you need to perform is add the little memory. Now for using it, open it from new tab page, after adding it to your Chrome browser. Now for the first time, it will provide you a box to add any memory of yours. Write anything related to your desired memory, then hit the available next button. You will move to next step where you need to provide desired email address and password for free sign up. After creating an account, you are ready to save your memories using the little memory.

Now whenever you want to save any memory for the present day, just type on the available box for it. Below the box, you will find options like tag a memory to desired person, add your location to memory, and add photo to your memory. You need to use these options accordingly. And remember that, you only having 8 photos to use on this free account of yours. So use and add photos according to your need. Once you have prepared your memory, then simply hit the save button and that’s it.

Your memory is saved now. After saving, you can edit or delete your memory anytime you want. Likewise, you can even share your memory to Twitter, Tumblr, or can even email to desired person. Use the available options for these.

the little memory 03

Likewise, store your memories for each day and make them unforgettable.

More things To Do:

You can do more things in the little memory. For this, you need to click on the available wrench icon located at top right side of your the little memory account. Click that icon and it will provide you options such as:

  • Mirror: This option will let you see words used by you over time as well as emotions (anger, happiness, anxiety etc.) over time. See the below given screenshot.
  • World Memories: This option will let you see memories of people submitted by them.
  • Account: Using this option, you can adjust settings according to your own preference.
  • Invite Friends: This option is used for inviting your friends to the little memory. Invite your friends using their email addresses (if you want). After this, when they will sign up on the little memory, then you will get the benefit of 3 extra photos (with each sign up) which you can use to add with your memories.

the little memory 04

There are a lot of features such as unlimited photos, Google Drive use etc. are present. But you can’t access them in your free account. For accessing more benefits, you need to upgrade to premium version of this app. So, if you want, you can upgrade to premium version. Otherwise, keep using this free account of the little memory.

the little memory is a handy app for storing any kind of memories of your life. Try this free app on your Google Chrome.

Download it from here.

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