Online Math Vocabulary Cards Application To Learn Math Terms

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Math Vocabulary Cards is an online application that helps to learn Math terms in an entertaining way. It simply provides a set of cards and each card contains a definition and an example (or diagram) for a Math term. With the help of that definition and example, you need to think the correct answer for that particular term. For example, a two-dimensional (flat) shape with 6 sides is said to be a hexagon. Here, hexagon is a key term of Mathematics, and rest of the part is definition for that term. To reveal the right-answer, you can use view (or eye) icon.

There are multiple categories available in Math Vocabulary Cards application and each category includes different cards. For students and also for other users, this could really be a very helpful application to explore ideas for Math terms.

Math Vocabulary Cards application

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Math Vocabulary Cards work quite similar, like a flashcard application, and very easy to use as well. It is specially built to learn Math terms and users can take benefit of this service without any sign up process.

Note: Math Vocabulary Cards is also available as an app for iPhone. But there is no app available for Android.

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How To Use This Free Online Math Vocabulary Cards Application?

To start learning Math terms, you can go to the homepage of this application. Its homepage link is given at the end of this review.

Homepage of this application will open with default card. But you can select cards set of your choice. Cards are based on categories and grade levels (Grades K2 and Grades 3-5).

Use Stack like icon to select a grade level and category of cards. Available categories are: algebra, geometry, quantity, three-dimensional, two-dimensional, time, fractions, general-math, data, fractions, position, money, and number & operations.

select a grade level and card to start playing cards
select a grade level and category to start playing cards

For each category, multiple cards are available to play. You can select which cards you want and can uncheck unwanted cards. After this, tap on Start button to start playing selected cards. Cards will appear on screen in random order and you can use buttons to go to next, previous, last, and first card.

buttons to go to next, previous card
buttons to go to next, previous card

By default, answer part of each particular card will remain hidden. But it is completely your wish which part you want to hide and display. Using Hide/Show button, you can hide a definition, an example, or the answer.


Math Vocabulary Cards is interesting to use. Even though definition and example is available for each term, it would be difficult for you to guess the correct answer. It is handy for students, but is limited to only few cards for each category. It should add more cards on its database and let users to add their own cards. Furthermore, sign in feature to store interesting cards to users account would be a great help, if added.

Try Math Vocabulary Cards free.

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