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ZeroPC is a free online content manager to access and control all your online accounts from one place. With today’s wired world, more and more of what we do is done online. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, multiple email accounts, RSS news feeds, etc. These are all examples of how much we’ve switched to an online life. Platforms like ZeroPC free online content manager can help you access all of these online profiles in a single interface.

Web-Based All It Takes is a Registration

One of the nice things about ZeroPC is that there’s nothing to download and install. Everything is done through their website. Cruise over to the website, register, and check your email for the confirmation message. Industry standards in security such as SSL and 0Auth are used to keep your login credentials secure as you register your various accounts with ZeroPC. The authors say that their security algorithms also protect you, your accounts, and your credentials when you use public or shared computers.

Universal Instant Messenger and Inbox Feature

If you’re like me, you’ve got accounts with several different instant messaging services. I have accounts with Yahoo, ICQ, MSN, and Skype. Unfortunately, ZeroPC doesn’t interface with Skype, which is my favorite. But it interfaces completely with all the rest.

If you’re like me, you have several email accounts. ZeroPC allows you to aggregate most of these email accounts within the ZeroPC interface. Just like all of your other accounts, such as Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook, accessing your Yahoo, Gmail, and Facebook messages can be done safely and securely. I registered one of my Yahoo and Gmail accounts with the service just to play with it. Then I sent email to both accounts. ZeroPC told me I had no new messages. But when I opened the individually in my browser, I had several new messages in each. So, the interface with Yahoo and Gmail is there, but it isn’t very good.

Collaborate Online with Free Online Content Manager

ZeroPC also includes a full suite of online office applications that allow you to create full featured text documents similar to Microsoft word documents, spreadsheets just like you can make with Excel, and interactive graphical presentations just like you can turn out with PowerPoint. And then you can share these documents with anyone you want.

One Interface to Update Media Accounts

You can keep your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more up to date easily with ZeroPC. Uploading files to these accounts is easy, drag and drop. Transferring files from my computer to my accounts was quick and easy, although it took ZeroPC a surprisingly long time to show the recently uploaded photos. It also took some time for deletions to be reflected. If you have accounts on a number of different services and have a problem remembering the credentials for all of them, and you don’t mind your changes not showing up immediately, ZeroPC is pretty cool. But I like my changes to show up immediately and I don’t have a problem remembering my passwords, so I’ll stick with browsing to my accounts individually.

ZeroPC has a number of features that I didn’t have space or time to list here. My mind still isn’t made up on this platform. I’m going to be going back a few times to make my final decision whether or not I’m not going to use it for an extended period of time.

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