Create and Send Self Destructible Messages with Encryption

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Cryptbin is a free website to create and send self destructible messages with encryption. It lets you create private and public messages, and for both messages, it provides AES-256 encryption.

You can set message destruction time in minutes, hours, or in days. As soon as the message time is over, your message is deleted permanently from servers.

You don’t need to sign in with this website to create and send self destructible messages. However to keep the record of your private messages, an account is needed.

Cryptbin- create and send self destructible messages with encryption

In the above screenshot, you can see a self destructible message created by me using this website.

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Key Features:

  • If you want, you don’t have to set expiration time for your messages.
  • For each message, public and private, it also generates a delete URL. Using that URL, you can delete any message, whenever required.
  • For creating a private message, it generates a key. Only that key can be used to reveal the content of private message created by you.
  • It also helps to attach images with your message. However, this feature didn’t work for me. (Update 1st November 2014: The developer got in touch with us and mentioned that it is working fine now. I retested it and this issue seems to have been fixed.)
  • It supports autolinking for email address, webpages, and supports syntax highlighting for source code.

How To Create and Send Self Destructible Messages with Encryption?

Go to the homepage of this website using the link I have placed at the end of this review. On its homepage, you will find Untitled tab. Use this tab to write required text or paste the text content. After this, scroll down to set time limit to destruct the message automatically, if required.

create self destructible message

You can set time limit by moving the slider and by using the drop down option. Destruction time can be set in minutes, hours, or in days. After setting the preferences, click on Create Encrypted Paste button. After this, it will encrypt your message and start the expiration time for your message.

use public and private URL created for you message

Public and Private link will be generated for your message. Public link contains only URL to directly open your message, whereas, private link creates message URL and security key as well.

Just send the public or private URL to any required person to share the secret message. He/she will also need key for private URL to reveal the message content.

view encrypted private message


Security features provided by this website are really handy. It is a valuable website to generate self destructible messages that also comes with encryption protection.

Try Cryptbin free.

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