Convert Hand Drawn Designs to HTML with AI Based Tool from Microsoft

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Sketch2Code is an online tool by Microsoft to convert any hands drawn design to HTML with AI. Here it takes the hand drawn designs from you and then help you generate the final HTML code. Here it uses the AI to scan the design that you have created on a whiteboard. It identifies different elements using the deep learning approaches and generate the final design preview. You can download the HTML code and then use it whenever you want. It quickly analyzes your design and give you the HTML code. However, the accuracy of the output is not 100%. Since it scans the hand written design so you will have to make the design very clear. It is very good at leaving the components that it don’t understands.

If you want to quickly convert a hand drawn mockup to HTML then you can call Sketch2Code. Just give it the design and then it will take care of the rest. You don’t even have to create an account to start using it. Just upload your design and then get the corresponding HTML code. Simple as that. There are some other sample designs on the website as well that you can use to test its functionality. Also, you can use those designs to understand what kind of input it can process successfully.

Convert Hands Drawn Design to HTML with AI

How to Convert any Hands Drawn Design to HTML with AI?

Sketch2Code is a very simple tool to convert your designs to HTML. And it is open source tool as well. If you wnat to check out its codebase, then it is available on GitHub. It basically uses advanced computer vision techniques to detect the different components drawn on the input design. And then it generates the same design in HTML format.

Simply go to the homepage of Sketch2Code and then upload your design that you want to convert to HTML. You can upload a whiteboard image from your PC in JPG or PNG file format.

Sketch to Code upload an image

After specifying the image, it will start processing it. And when it is done, it will show you the output preview. If you think the final design is accurate then you can download the HTML code. Also, you can see the “Predicted Objects Details” that it shows. You can use this to see how it is treating your design to detect different objects from it.

Sketch to Code html wireframe output

That’s it. That is how you can use this online tool by Microsoft to convert any hand drawn design to HTML. And you can do that in a few seconds. You just have to upload a design and then get the output. This tool is new and will improve further in coming updates. And of course, the accuracy of the tool will be more in the future updates.

Final thoughts

Sketch2Code works amazingly when it comes to convert a hand drawn design to HTML. You can easily use it to translate any design into a working HTML wire frame. The tool works at pretty fast speed and you can easily use it to transform your design in HTML.

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