Free Body Positivity Course by Nike & Dove to Promote Athleticism

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Body Confident Sport is a initiative by Nike and Dove to teach body positivity through a short course and encourage athleticism in everyone. This is a great initiative which speaks to people of all ages to not just think about appearances but think about what your body can do.

This is a much needed awareness which needs to be brought in kids today. This Instagram and social media generation is under such false impression of body beauty, that they actually forget everything apart from making their body beautiful. Girls starve themselves for looking thin and beautiful. Trying to meet these fake beauty standards is just not good for the human body. Instead, we should teach kids the advantages of things you can do with your body like playing sports which helps with a healthy body and a healthy mind.

This body positivity short course aims at teaching kids of all genders the importance of being active and being good to your body, to keep it healthy. In the process it promotes athleticism in everyone. The course is basically aimed at coaches, mentors, parents, teachers, or anyone who has a influence on kids life. They can go through this course and teach kids to be body confident and not let the false image of body beauty created on social media play a factor in their lives.

When you land on this website you will scroll through some text. Go through the text to understand what is meant by body confidence and who all are involved when we say coaches.

You will come across a screen like the one above. From the watch the videos button you can watch the introductory video for the coaches. Watching the videos to will make you understand how to teach this course and what body confidence is all about,

The videos will play in the same window. When you are ready to download the course guide or material click on the button and you will see a page like the one seen in the below screenshot.

On this page you can see all the downloadable material on the right side. You can download and save all this on your device. On the right side you will notice that this course if available in 7 different languages. So you can actually download the course material in the language you are most comfortable with.


Overall, this is a great initiative by Nike and Dove and everyone should check out this course. It gives you a better perspective as a person to focus on the more important thing rather than trivial things like beauty. Be more active and do things which makes you feel good rather than thinking about things which are not real. Sports do play a very important role in our life, to keep oneself active as well as healthy. We should encourage everyone to be more active and to do things which makes them feel good about themselves. This way we can also promote body positivity and athleticism in young children.

Check out Body Confident Sport website here.

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