How to See Goodreads Reviews on Amazon for Books?

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This article covers how to see Goodreads reviews on Amazon for books. When you will access product description page of a book that you want to purchase, you will be able to read all the Goodreads reviews posted by Goodreads users on the same page. You can check overall rating for that book and ratings and reviews posted by each user. For this, you will need a free Google Chrome extension named “Goodreads for Amazon“.

Goodreads is a very popular website (owned by Amazon) which has a huge database of books and reviews. For those who want to first check Goodreads reviews for a book before purchasing it from Amazon, this Chrome extension is just awesome. Instead of first opening Goodreads website and search for a book to read its reviews, you can just use this extension and check Goodreads reviews for the same book directly on Amazon. It will save your time.

goodreads reviews on amazon visible on description page of book

In the screenshot added above, you can see that Goodreads reviews section is visible on Amazon page for a particular Amazon book. On reviews box, you will also see the option to write a review but that will redirect you to Goodreads review page.

How to See Goodreads Reviews on Amazon for Books?

Click on this link to open the extension homepage and install it. After that, open the description page of a book available on Amazon. If you have already opened some book description page, then you need to refresh that tab.

Now scroll down the page. Just below frequently bought….. section, you will see a separate “Reviews from Goodreads” section. There you can see overall rating and individual rating and review of users.

reviews from goodreads visible

Pagination is also there to help you move to next or previous page or a particular page.

You can temporarily or permanently remove the extension when you don’t want to see Goodreads reviews on Amazon.

If you are looking for some good sources where you can check book reviews that you can trust, then you may check this list created by us.

The Conclusion:

Book lovers who want to read Goodreads reviews directly on Amazon before purchasing a book, this Chrome extension is a time saver. I like this extension because it serves the purpose very well. The good thing is there is nothing to configure. You can install and forget it and it will help you see Goodread reviews on Amazon for books.

Get this extension.

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