Free Open Source Code Snippet Manager with HTML Preview, Presentation Mode

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massCode is a free open-source code snippet manager with HTML preview, presentation mode, and more. Here is a really powerful snippet manager that you can use to keep some important code snippets. It offers one of the best code organization options. Not only that, but it supports cloud sync as well. It can connect to Google Drive and Dropbox. It comes with a presentation mode built-in, which I will talk about shortly.

We have covered code snippet managers before, even open-source ones. But this one here is really amazing and you can use it to store and sync code snippets of any programming languages. It automatically supports code highlighting, dark mode and creating code screenshots to share on social media. It is completely open source and integrates well with popular code editors such as VS Code, Raycast, and Alfred.

Open Source Code Snippet Manager with HTML Preview, Presentation Mode

Free Open Source Code Snippet Manager with HTML Preview, Presentation Mode

massCode comes as a desktop app for all major platforms. You can download it from here and then simply launch it. It has a very simple interface and you can see it in the screenshot below.

MooovR main UI

Now, use the “+” button to create your first snippet. On the right side, it will give you a simple code editor. Just paste the code and save it. While saving a piece of code, you can add some tags to it so later you can find it easily. This will also help you categorize the similar code snippets in one place.

Moovr Create Snippet

If the code snippet that you saved was HTML, then you can see its preview there as well. Just toggle the preview and it will show you the output of the HTML code in the lower pane.

massCode HTML Snippet Preview

The next cool feature of massCode is Markdown editor. Here it allows you to write in Markdown and supports syntax highlighting, tables among other formatting options. Also, massCode has built-in support for Mermaid which is a popular diagramming and charting tool.

massCode Markdown Editor

massCode has a built-in presentation mode. It allows you to create a presentation using a sequence of code snippets that you have created already. It’s great for teachers/instructors for classroom use, team meetings, conferences or simply for personal use and practice. From the Markdown menu, you can activate this mode and then just sit back and relax.

massCode Presentation Mode

Another cool thing about massCode is the code screenshot creator. Here, you can convert any of a code snippet into a beautiful screenshot by adding background and a frame. This is pretty much a website that we covered to create beautiful code screenshots. It is good if you want to share or showcase some very nice piece of code that you have written.

massCode Screenshot Generator

What sets massCode apart from other snippet managers is the set of integrations that it supports. It has an extension for popular code editor like VS Code. Using the extension, you can fetch snippets in VS Code and create snippets from it using the selected code. In the storage settings, you can even configure Google Drive and Dropbox to save snippets to the cloud.

massCode Open Source Snippet Manager

This is all about this really powerful snippet manager for macOS, Windows, and Linux. If you are a programmer or software developer, then you will really like it. All you have to do is just install it and then simply manage or store the code snippets in the way you want.

Final thoughts:

To be honest, massCode is the best snippet manager I have ever used. The set of features that it is offering while being free and open source is remarkable. I liked the fact that you can use it for storing your important code snippets as well as for creating documentation. Also, its ability to sync your snippets to the cloud is what makes it a durable and viable option to safely store code of various programming languages.

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