iPhone App That Forecast Battery Life: AMPY+

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AMPY+ is a free iPhone app that forecast battery life of your phone. You can easily get an estimate of your battery life and the duration of how long will it last. Instead of going through all the settings in your iPhone to view the battery status, you can simply use this app to do so with a single tap. Unlike other battery saver apps for iPhone, this one tracks your iPhone’s usage and activities to provide you a battery life forecast. In addition to that, it also comes with a charge timer that shows how long you need to charge your phone to get additional battery life.

It is quite similar to another iPhone app “Battery Life Magic“, but “AMPY+” doesn’t predict the battery life for different tasks. The best part of this app is that you can connect your fitness tracking devices to track calories burned and energy generated. For simple fun, it also has an option to compete with your friends for energy generation with the fitness tracker.

The following screenshot shows the app interface with the battery life forecast.

main screenshot

Note: If you don’t have a fitness tracker, then do not worry as it can also integrate with your iPhone’s Health Kit and use the data to track energy gained and calories burned.

How to View Battery Life Forecast in Your iPhone:

Download and install the app from the link given at the end of this post or from the App Store. Let us see how to use this app below.

How to view the remaining battery life:

As soon as you open up the app, you will be able to see the battery life forecast with charge timer and battery life remaining. As per your battery status, it will simply show a message such as “Your phone will make it until 10 PM, 4 AM, tomorrow morning, and so on” as shown in the above image.

How the charge timer works:

The charge timer shows how much time you need to charge your iPhone in order to get additional hours of battery life. Initially, it will show battery life for only 1 hour which you can change using the “+” and “-” buttons. Along with the battery life hours the charging time also changes. The following screenshot shows the charge timer.

charge timer

How to track energy generation and calories burned:

After connecting a fitness tracker or your iPhone’s Health Kit, simply slide the screen to view energy and calories report. You can track how much energy you have earned in joules and how many calories you have burned in the past few days. The following screenshot shows the above options.


My Final Verdict:

AMPY+ is quite an interesting and useful app for iPhone that forecast battery life and lets you know the charging time for gettting additional battery life. As we have already discussed that the best part is that it lets you connect your Health Kit or fitness tracking devices to track various aspects.

Try this useful app from the link here.

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