4 Free iPhone Battery Saver Apps

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Here is a list of 4 free iPhone battery saver apps. These will let you check the percentage of battery remaining and the reason behind the draining of the battery.

All these apps are free to use. You just need to install and launch them, rest of the things are handled by the apps automatically. These apps also alert you when your iPhone gets 100% charged so that you can unplug it and boost your device’s battery life. Besides this, some of these apps also have the feature for cleaning up iPhone’s RAM from the unwanted apps which keep running in the background.

1. Battery Doctor:

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is the first iPhone battery saver app. The app has a very eye-pleasing interface along with really amazing tools. You can use this app to check the battery level remaining, battery usage, clear junk files, free RAM space and optimize iPhone’s performance. Besides, this you can set the alarm, battery reminder and check the temperature of your current location as well as any other location. The app also shows you how long the battery of your iPhone will work for different set of activities like playing games, watching videos, surfing internet etc. The app has a feature called Discharge Rank which ranks the apps on the basis of higher battery consumption. You can use this feature to know the devil apps on your iPhone.

Get Battery Doctor here.

2. Battery Life Saver:

Battery Life Saver

The next iPhone battery saver app is Battery Life Saver. The app has two main sections on home screen: Remaining and Till When. The Remaining option shows the time gap (in hours) for which the activities can be done while the Till When option shows the exact time for the same. The activities included in calculating the remaining and till when time are: Internet Wi-Fi, Video Playback, Audio Playback, Play 2D/3D Game, Reading, Photo Taking, and Facetime. The app also shows the estimated time for charging the iPhone’s battery to 100%. You can change it to 80%, 50%, and 20% if you want. You can set the reminders for charging, optimizing, and alert for full charge.

Get Battery Life Saver here.

3. Battery Saver Reborn:

Battery Saver Rebon

The third app in the list is Battery Saver Reborn. Apart from the normal stats shown by other battery saver apps, the app also displays your charging habits. The app shows the number of times you charged your iPhone fully, partially or overcharged it in one month’s time. You can also check your iPhone’s health score which is calculated on the basis of your charging habits. The app has one section called System where you can check the system information of your iPhone. The information includes phone details, CPU usage, Memory usage, Wi-fi network, disk space, and Hardware specifications.

Get Battery Saver Reborn here.

4. Battery Monitor Magic XP:

Battery Monitor Magic XP

The Battery Monitor Magic XP is a simple battery saver app for iPhone. This app only shows the percentage level of battery remaining and the time interval for which you can do different activities on your iPhone. The app has a section called Boost Battery Power which you can use to read tips for saving the battery of your iPhone. The section contains various tips for saving the battery backup of iPhone.

Get Battery Monitor Magic XP here.

These were the 4 free iPhone battery saver apps using which you can save and boost up the battery life of your iPhone. Do try them and share the name of the app which you liked the most. I would be glad to know it. You can also add some more names to the list by commenting below.

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