5 Best Software To Delete Empty Folders For Windows 10

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This article talks about 5 best software to delete empty folders for Windows 10. Our computers’ hard disks are full of numerous files of different kinds, stored in thousands of folders. As the basic structural unit of file management, folders are an essential of just about any operating system. However, our computers also consist of numerous empty folders, rendered empty because of a number of reasons, such as failed installations. And while they are not exactly an issue, empty folders do make file management and organization a hassle. Quite a problem, right?

Hardly, as there are a number of applications out there to help. These not only let you find and get rid of empty folders scattered across your computer, but also include features like exclusion lists, root searching, and support for wildcards and regular expressions. Intrigued? Let’s find out more about 5 best software to delete empty folders for Windows 10.

Empty Folder Cleaner

empty folder cleaner

As the name makes it clear, Empty Folder Cleaner is a simple yet powerful application to delete empty folders. The program makes quick work of finding and deleting folders devoid of any content. Empty Folder Cleaner sports a fairly easy to understand dual pane interface. The left pane lets you browse for, and select the locations that you want to scan for empty folders, whereas the right pane is where the results are displayed. To get started, simply hit the Scan button, and the application will display a listing of empty folders (and sub-folders) found in the specified location(s). All you have to do is select the ones you want to get rid of, and click the Delete Empty Folders button. Empty Folder Cleaner is pretty customizable, and lets you tweak options such as directories to be ignored, automatic backups, and things like that. Then there are features like wildcard support, and the ability to automatically unlock folders that are in use for deletion.

Remove Empty Directories

remove empty directories

When it comes to features, Remove Empty Directories sure as hell doesn’t disappoint. Sporting an extremely easy to use minimally designed interface, Remove Empty Directories (or RED), lets you specify a root location to be searched for empty folders, and then get rid of the ones that are found. The results are displayed in a tree like format, and RED uses specific icons to indicate different kinds of folders (system, hidden, protected etc.). Not only that, the folder names are color coded as well, to indicated whether they can be deleted or not. To get rid of the empty directories, simply click on the Delete Folders button. You can also use the settings tab to configure options such as deletion mode (e.g. move to recycle bin, direct delete), maximum directory nesting depth, and things like that. Click here for more details.

Empty Folder Nuker

empty folder nuker

Want a simple and straightforward application for getting rid of empty folders? Look no further than Empty Folder Nuker. Measuring in at just about 350 KB in size, the feather light application lets you delete empty folders in just a few clicks. When launched for the first time post installation, you can choose to have Empty Folder Nuker integrate with the Windows shell. Once this is taken care of, simply click on the Browse button to select the folder (and its sub-folders) that you want to scan, and hit the Find button. Empty Folder Nuker will then display the empty folders found at the specified location, in a new window. All that you have to do now is select the folders that you want to purge, and click Delete button. Apart from that, you can also save the full paths of the empty folders to a text file. Click here to find out more.



If you’re absolutely sure that you want to delete a specific folder, provided that it doesn’t contain anything, there shouldn’t be a need for multiple confirmations. And that’s exactly what Josedelempty is for. Granted, it’s not the most feature laden application out there (on the contrary, it’s almost too minimalistic), but Josedelempty does what it’s supposed to do, with minimum hassle. At just 12 KB in size, this insanely lightweight and portable standalone application makes getting rid of empty folders at a specified location a cakewalk. To start off, specify the root folder (this also includes disk partitions) that you want to scan for empty folders, and choose whether you want the application to scan hidden and system folders or not. Now hit the Proceed button, and Josedelempty will generate a one time warning that it’ll be deleting all empty folders found at the selected location. Confirm that, and relax as Josedelempty does its thing.

Puran Delete Empty Folders

puran delete empty folders

Rounding things off is Puran Delete Empty Folders, a surprisingly functional application that lets you remove empty folders in almost no time, and looks good while doing so as well. The interface is fairly standard, being divided into two horizontal panes. The upper pane lists the disk partitions, while the lower pane displays search results. Using the program is simple. Select either the disk partitions to be scanned, or use the Scan Folder button to choose a specific folder for finding empty sub-folders. Puran Delete Empty Folders will now display the empty folders found at the specified location. All you have to do is select the ones you want to remove, and click the Delete Selected button. The application even lets you add certain locations to the exclude list, so that they are not searched.

Wrap Up

The software applications discussed above are perfect for removing empty folders. Try them out, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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