Windows 8 Game App Free: Save the Sheep

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Save the Sheep, is a fun Windows 8 game app. It’s a totally free gravity game app, that you can play anytime, anywhere, and in any Widows 8 devices. The game play of this Windows 8 game app is as simple as it can be. It’s a gravity game in the sense that, it’s based on the gravitational law and some bouncing as well. It’s very simple, but extremely funny and addictive Windows 8 game app. And the good thing is, it’s very lightweight, so it doesn’t puts burden on your Windows 8 system. Also it runs in offline mode, so no need to connect to internet; you can just play it anywhere.

Save the Sheep - gameplay

All you have to do is help the falling sheep to cross the screen from left to right using a board; which makes them bounce. And reach to the highest score possible; before all your lives run out.

Gameplay of this Windows 8 gravity game app:

The game is one of the funniest game app, that I played so far. And to add more to the humor of the game, the sound does the perfect job. The graphics are fine. The game is in 2D, and has funny drawings of sheep. Though the game is funny, but, one shouldn’t take it lightly. It has got a good concept, and certainly a good gameplay. There are three game modes in the game as per the level of difficulty: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Save the Sheep - game difficulties

In each game mode, you’ll get multiple sheep thrown from the top left corner of screen and a movable board at the bottom. All you have to do is, help these sheep cross the screen, without letting even one single sheep fall off the bottom of the screen. You will use the aforementioned board to save the sheep. The board actually follows your mouse movements, so, you just have to move the mouse to make the sheep fall directly at the board. A sheep falling on the board makes them bounce. Therefore, your objective is to make them bounce, so that they cross the screen. Even the bouncing of sheep is very funny, the sheep are bounced very roughly and just thrown here and there.

Save the Sheep - game results

The only difference in the game modes is, the easy one has less number of falling sheep, and hard has more number of sheep. Making sheep cross screen safely gives you a point, therefore the more sheep crosses the screen; the more points you score. But, if even a single sheep falls, you’ll lose a life. Initially you’ll get 3 lives, and the beauty of this game is, you can collect and go beyond 3 lives. During the gameplay you’ll get sheep with medic kits; if you save them they’ll add a life to total lives.

Save the Sheep - gameplay showing sheep with medics

Key features of this Windows 8 gravity game app:

  • Freely available.
  • Help sheep to cross screen using board without letting them fall off the screen.
  • Collect lives and some bonuses during game.
  • Very easy controls.
  • Good simulation.

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Final note:

Save the Sheep, certainly is a good Windows 8 gravity game app. Being a small size game with this good game play, sure is commendable. It has got good sync between controls and actions, however for touch user it can be a bit knotty. Also, I wished there was a way to save and see the previous scores in the game. Still the easy controls, good physics simulations, and game play makes it a good Windows 8 game app to try.

Try Save the Sheep here.

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Works With: Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Free/Paid: Free

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