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Fingerspelling Tutor is a free software to learn fingerspelling without browsing through a huge number of tiring video tutorials. This is the best way to learn fingerspelling which they call in their website as lifelike motion between letters. Whether you are a young learner or a professional this free fingerspelling learning software will be very helpful for you. It is tested by the students from elementary school to the interpreting majors of colleges.

fingerspelling tutor

Fingerspelling is needed for spelling nouns, acronyms, technical terms or words from foreign languages so it is a very important component of American Sign Language or ASL and without it you will not be able to communicate completely with sign language. Who is fluent in using fingerspelling can express around four characters per second with fingerspelling. On the other hand the percentage of people understanding fingerspelling is even lower.

So it has become a necessity that people get a better way to learn fingerspelling and Fingerspelling Tutor is already here to help! But when learning from a series of snapshots, much confusion remain. So snapshot is not the answer to learning fingerspelling recognition. You need something more interactive to learn those. A video might be the answer to that but that is too bandwidth hogging and might not be available always. So Fingerspelling Tutor comes with the solution where it increases the number of snapshots and puts them together to make an animation for each move, confusions solved!

To learn something, challenges and tests are very helpful and effective. This free fingerspelling learning software offers a number of challenges that are both interesting and educational. The tests are recognizing letters, two or three-letter words and that gradually increases which are labeled as Intermediate and Advanced levels. It will have a full statistics of the user’s performance and feedback of the answers.

Fingerspelling Tutor is effective for both students’ learning and individual practice. The tests make it even more engaging and effective than any other fingerspelling methods known till now. So it is a revolutionary way to learn fingerspelling very quickly and effectively.

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Features of Fingerspelling Tutor:

  • Animations with full transitions to help learning fingerspelling fast
  • Different challenges which are divided by different difficulty levels
  • Unlike video tutorials, does not need lots of downloads

Fingerspelling Tutor is available on Windows platform which needs 250MB disk space and 512MB of memory. Try Fingerspelling Tutor free.

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