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Geogebra is a popular, open source maths freeware that can be used to teach/ learn mathematics. Geogebra provides an integrated platform for learning mathematics in a dynamic way, right from the elementary level to the university level.

This free maths learning software creates  opportunities to learn mathematics in a new way. It provides a pool of teaching materials, options and interfaces to do so. Every user can register himself and contribute to / edit the pool of materials available. The latest version also includes a set of new commands and options that facilitate more operations to be performed.

Some of the topics that can be taught using this free maths software are measurement, number sense, geometry, Functions and graphs, algebra, statistics, Calculus, Discrete mathematics, probability, vectors, complex numbers, linear programming just to name a few. Also check out Tux Paint and Kidpaint for kids.

Thus Geogebra functions as a Dynamic software for learning mathematics, and is useful for maths learning kids of age groups. It is so useful that it was installed on 3 million netbooks that were given to students in Argentina.

Geogebra is designed to run on various Operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux (which includes various versions). The installer file is just about 5 MB and the application can be installed in just a few steps. Further Geogebra is an opensource freeware. So the user is free to copy, transfer, and distribute the software for non-commercial purposes.


Here are some of the features of this free Maths learning software:

  • Intuitive graphics and explanation of concepts to make it clear and easily understandable.
  • Various concepts like algebra, Geometry and calculus can be easily taught and understood using this freeware.
  • The freeware provides an array of tools and commands to simulate geometrical constructions, algebraic commands etc.,
  • All learning materials are available free for use and distribution.
  • The intuitive interface is easy for even the naive users to get used to.
  • Multi-language support.
  • The user can also create static instructional  material that can be used later for teaching purposes.
  • Creating dynamic worksheets, saving them as documents etc., can also be done.

Some other educational software that you can also try are: Free Online lectures, and OOo4kids.

Geogebra freeware can be used in two ways:

  • Installing the application which enables the user to use it even when he is offline.
  • Executing a fully functional Geogebra applet on the browser. This needs no installation on the system.

Geogebra is completely free, and definitely worth a try. Download Geogebra free here.

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