Kidpaint: Free Coloring Software for Kids

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Kidpaint is a free coloring software for kids by which your kid can easily learn all the basic fundamentals of painting. Painting skills of your child will be improved by using this coloring application designed especially for young children. This helpful coloring application is a must for all the young kids to make their basics clear about painting. You can also teach your kids easy programing language through Scratch.

You can use this coloring software, Kidpaint on any windows operating system. This free painting application, Kidpaint is very small is size and you can easily use it anywhere and store it in a small USB drive as small as 64 MB of space. You can also try Tux Paint, and FlowPaint for painting for kids on computer.


This software has a free license, so it can be used for free and is a great application for making your kid’s painting skills good.

How to Use Free Coloring Software KidPaint:

You just have to visit the Kidpaint website and click on the download button. This application is very small in size i.e. only 2.8 MB and can be stored in a small pen drive also which can be used remotely. Now once you are done click on the install button for installing this application, Kidpaint and once your done with this step, Kidpaint will be installed on your PC.

Now this free coloring software has a very easy to use interface. When you open this application there are two pictures one is filled with color and is complete and other is incomplete which has to be filled by your kid. So you can choose from a list of colors available on the right hand side and fill that uncolored picture using those colors. Just select the color you want to use and then click on the part of the picture where this color has to be filled.

Kidpaint is a fun coloring application to make your kids learn painting skills.

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