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Jajuk is a free jukebox software that functions as a jukebox and helps you to organize and play music. Digital Jukeboxes are used to manage the soundtracks and albums on the system and plays the selected music whenever required. This jukebox freeware is one such jukebox that comes with a number of features and options that makes it interesting to use.

Jajuk has been designed with serious music aficionados in mind. This jukebox software is created to manage large and scattered music collections of some advanced users. And Jajuk does the functions of organizing such music and playing them efficiently. This jukebox software provides multiple perspectives of the music collection of the user and therefore it is intuitive and user friendly.


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Some of the Remarkable Features of Jajuk are:

As said earlier, Jajuk has been designed with advanced users in mind. Hence it comes packed with features and options. It provides maximum usage options with maximum portability and Desktop integration. It includes,

  • Digital Disk Jockey: Jajuk can be made to select tracks and play them according to the rules defined by the user.
  • Ambience management and user customization: the user can customize the number of clicks needed to play the tracks, Transition effects, cross-fade adjustments etc.,
  • File management: Copy, paste or rename tracks,create files/ directory within Jajuk and find duplicate tracks within the audio collection, all using the inbuilt features.
  • Play options: Intuitive play options such as recursive play, repeating tracks Shuffle tracks from a track list etc., can also be done. ‘Finish off album’ to play all the songs of a particular album, even from a mixed playlist is also possible
  • Pushing tracks into player queues, drag and drop options are also available.
  • Fast forwarding, Muting and changing the effects is also made possible.
  • This jukebox player supports a number of audio formats such as MP3, OGC, FLAC, AAC, WMA, APE etc.,
  • Search functions to search for particular tracks or albums is also available. Options to search for lyrics from the web is also available.
  • Jajuk implements automatic file indexing  and device synchronization.
  • Customizable options, with a number of views, Key board controls , Look and feel supports, Wikipedia views, Ultra light features, Full screen modes, notifications, etc., make this freeware more interesting.

With such a huge list of tools and options, Jajuk is a one-of a kind application for playing the music on your system. Try Jajuk and start organizing your music files and play music.

Jajuk can be downloaded from Jajuk’s official website and the installer sizes just about 21.43 MB for Windows. This jukebox freeware is capable of being run on various operating systems such as Windows , Linux , MAC OS X. This free jukebox application requires Java JRE version 1.6 to run on the system. The installation is simple and takes just a few steps. Installation guides and support is available on the website.

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Works With: Windows, Mac, Linux
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