Firefox Plugin to turn Color Scheme of Webpage to Dark Theme

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Owl is a free Firefox plugin to turn the color scheme of any webpage to dark themed interface. As a result, you will be able to comfortably read the content of that particular webpage. It also dims the brightness for webpages. This plugin can come in handy especially when you are reading the news or article at night on your Firefox browser.

You need to perform a single tap to enable this plugin and then night mode will be activated for the current and rest of the opened webpages. You can also toggle the night mode with just a single click. The screenshot below clearly shows how well this plugin works to enable the dark theme for comfortably reading the webpage content.

night mode activated for a webpage
And in the screenshot below, you can see the original webpage.

original webpage without night mode
Although, original webpage looks beautiful too, but as I said above, this plugin will be useful when you are reading a webpage at night or in dim light. It helps you to protect your beautiful eyes and comfortably read any article.

How to Use This Free Firefox Plugin to Turn Color Scheme of Webpage to Dark Theme?

Steps to use this Firefox plugin are explained as follows:

Step 1: Tap on this link to go to the homepage of this Firefox plugin and install it. Like some other Firefox add-ons, it doesn’t require browser restart and will get ready to work for you immediately.

Step 2: Now whenever you want to activate the night modeĀ (or say Owl mode) for a webpage, you need to click on its icon. It will be visible at top right side on your Firefox browser, next to address bar.

turn on night mode to read the webpage

Step 3: After clicking the add-on icon, whole webpage will turn into dark themed interface. Now you can enjoy reading the text visible on that webpage. When you don’t want to use the night mode, just turn off this plugin using the same icon.


This is a very simple plugin, but worthy to use. There will be no strain on your eyes while reading the webpage content. You should try it.

Get Owl Firefox plugin for free.

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