OutlookStatView: Free Outlook Plugin to See Outlook Mailbox Statistics

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OutlookStatView is a free Outlook plugin that allows the user to scan the Outlook mail and display general statistics of the various folders and about the contacts that the user communicates with. Outlook is the most preferred way to communicate and email in business environments. And  there may be certain cases where it would be nice for the user to get statistics about the Outlook usage. Outlook StatView has been designed to do just that.

This free Outlook plugin is capable of being run on almost all the versions of Windows operating systems. This includes Windows Vista/ 7/ Xp/ 2000/ 2003/2008 etc., Also this free Outlook statistic viewer plugin can be used with any edition of the Microsoft Outlook. The user need not go through any installation process in order to use the Outlook StatView. Just executing the .exe file will run the application and collect the Outlook statistics to display it to the user.


If the user has only a single Outlook profile on the personal computer that he uses, he need not even enter the login credentials for the application to run. Outlook Statview is capable of being run even without starting the MS Outlook application. In case of having multiple profiles on the system, the user can  use Outlook StatView for a particular account by Starting the Outlook  and logging into that account.

One interesting option is that the user can choose to get the Statistic Data for a particular Date range. When this is done, the search operation is minimized and the statistics are displayed considerably faster. However the scanning speed also depends on the size of the mailbox and the system hardware capabilities

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The Statistics is displayed with the following attributes:

  • Display name and E-mail address
  • Total incoming messages into the inbox
  • Total outgoing messages to the particular contact
  • Total outgoing messages to the CC and BCC recipients
  • The first and last message sent to the user,
  • The software name,(Outlook/ Thunderbird) that has been used to send / receive the message.
  • The computer address of the system from which the mail was sent/ was received.

All these statistics allow the users to collect interesting details about their day to day conversations via the Outlook  mail box and there is a whole host of other options as well including,

  • Using command line options to save the statistics to  a regular text file, HTML or XML files.
  • Options to start the applications with customized configurations after making changes in the .cfg file.
  • Translating Outlook StatView to other languages etc.,

All these interesting options make Outlook StatView an exciting new tool to get the stats about mailing behavior.

Download OutlookStatView to get the most out of Outlook. It works only with Microsoft Outlook, and not with Outlook Alternatives.

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