Free Outlook Plugin to See Emails in Conversations: ChiliBase

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Chilibase is free add-in for Outlook that integrates itself with MS Outlook to make it much easier to find emails in Outlook.  Chilibase lets you organize emails based on persons, and presents you a conversation view of emails.

With Chilibase you will be able to see all the email conversation done with one user or with particular team. It gets integrates with Outlook 2003 or 2007 and light to download. Other useful plugins for Outlook that we reviewed earlier include: Xobni and Facebook in Outlook.

The faster access to your mails and faster email search are main benefits of Chilibase.


How Chilibase will help you manage your emails easy?

Fussy keyword search for mail: Many times this happens, that you are searching for email in Outlook via keyword. Keywords help only in cases when you have among less mail to search for, you cannot recall the sender’s/recipients’ name or you remember the content word to look for. But all this takes time and when you want to recover some conversation immediately than this really proves fussy. But Chilibase will present you entire mail with particular person and makes search easy for you.

Don’t remember the sender’s/recipients’ details: This problem is closely similar to above, but Chilibase offers you advanced search for the person name or search person by his company name. That way you can search correct email in few minutes. This also helps in case when you forget the name or misspell it for keyword search.

Trace complete communication process: If you want to see over all email conversation with person or even with team than Chilibase is handy application. Single mail with person may not help; you sometimes require whole lot of mails or to determine the communication between you two. And this feature enables you to do so. With this feature you can also, trace the persons involved in the process and project and identify them.

Do not file email with Chilibase: if you are unable to decide as to where to file the mail or filter it into folder, than leave it with Chilibase. The mail would be available for you to read all the time.

No need to organize folders: You do not need any more folders. With Chilibase you get an overview of your communication on demand. Add descriptions to the participants. This will enable you to quickly find the person you are looking for again with a keyword.

Once you have downloaded Chilibase just index your contacts and ids. After indexing your Outlook data arrange your personal panel in the interface which contains list of people with whom you have communicated with Outlook. Define person with relevance and leave all to Chilibase. As from than on, it will take care of managing mails for your convenience. All you need is to check respective box and your mails are kept sorted with Chilibase. You need Outlook to use ChiliBase. It would not work with Outlook Alternatives.

Note: Free version is only for Home use, and it limits conversations to twice per Outlook session.

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