Find Info About Artist While Playing Songs On iTunes or Windows Media Player

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Song Buddy is a handy software that helps to see information about artists while playing songs on Windows Media Player or iTunes. It integrates with Windows Media Player, iTunes, and automatically shows information about current playing song’s artist. It helps to find artist’s profile, some sample photos, artist channels on YouTube, Spotify, information on Wikipedia, and their released albums & songs. It also provides you list of similar artists that you might be looking for. Thus, all the information related to your favorite artist will be available right on your desktop on interface of this free software.

Song Buddy- find artists information

As visible in above screenshot, all the information about artists will be available on its interface. It might be possible that you won’t find any information while playing songs, but you can manually search for an artist to get the information.

Key Features Present In This Artist’s Information Finder Software:

  • A helpful software that lets you find more information about your favorite artist. You can enjoy listening to songs on Windows Media Player/iTunes and side by side get knowledge about current song’s artist.
  • It also provides link of artist’s official website, channels on YouTube & Spotify, Twitter account (if available), and information available on Wikipedia.
  • It also lets you manually search for artists information.
  • You can also get some sample photos of artist to download for free.

    sample photos of artist

  •  If you want, you can also view some suggested artists that will be similar to artist searched by you.
  • It is a lightweight software and completely free.

How To Use Song Buddy To Get Information About Your Favorite Artist On Desktop?

First of all, you have to install this artist’s information finder software on your PC. An active Internet connection is required to get the information about artist. Song Buddy is just 2.08 MB in size. Download link is available at the end of this review.

After installing it to PC, it will silently run in system tray. Moreover, it will integrate automatically with Windows Media Player and iTunes (if installed). Thus, whenever you will start playing a song, it automatically fetches artist name, shows pop up notification, and start searching artist information. You can click on its tray icon to view the information.

Song Buddy- pop up notification

Sometimes, it could be possible that no information will be available to show you, because of missing details in music file. In that case, you can manually search information by typing artist name in this software. After entering the artist name, it will start searching the information of that artist. If information is available, then you can get the details, like artist’s channels on YouTube, Spotify, artist profile (powered by Last.FM), account on Twitter, information available on Wikipedia, homepage link of artist’s website etc. You can click on any icon and you will be directed to the webpage to show you information.

artists information

Apart from these details, you can use other options available on Song Buddy’s interface. Such as:

  • Similar option: that shows similar artists, their images, profile, etc.

similar artists

  • Releases option: this option is very helpful that lets you view albums of artist and songs list available in those albums. You can even play a song directly on its interface. If you wish, you can purchase the songs using iTunes.

released albums


Song Buddy is really a good software to remain updated about favorite artists information. You don’t need to separately search Wikipedia or other web services to get artists information. Song Buddy is helpful to automatically and manually get all the possible information of artists.

Get Song Buddy free.

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