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Converter App website provides a free EPUB to CBR converter that you can use. It takes an EPUB file from you and then converts to CBR format for free.

Both EPUB and CBR are file formats for e-books and are very prevalent. But in case you have an e-book in EPUB format, and you wish to convert it to CBR format then you will need a tool to do that. And that’s what I have mentioned here. This free tool can convert an EPUB file of almost any size. The best part is that it even supports batch mode, so you can convert multiple EPUB files to CBR at the same time.

There are some other advantages of using CBR formats instead EPUB as it allows you to pack images and text into a single self-contained file. It makes it easier to read comics on a digital device. EPUB, on the other hand, is designed for traditional books, and it may not handle images and text well when compared to CBR.

How to Convert EPUB to CBR online for Free?

This online tool is completely free to use, and you don’t even have to sign up or register. For free, you can convert a single or up to 20 EPUB files to CBR format.

So, start by uploading your EPUB file. There does not seem to be any limit on the file size, so I would say just go ahead and upload any EPUB file.

Converter App Upload a File

Now, you wait. give it a few seconds and let it process the uploaded file and convert it. You will see gears spinning and you need to wait till it stops.

Wait for Conversion

When it has done converting your file, you will see a download button. So, just click Download and your final CBR file will begin to download.

EPUB to CBR Converted

You can repeat the same process to convert another EPUB file or a group of EPUB files in a batch. The process is very simple and as the website says, you can process up to 20 EPUB files at the same time.

Closing thoughts:

If you by any chance are looking for a free EPUB to CBR converter, then Converter App website has got your covered. It offers many file converters but one such tool that it offers is EPUB to CBR that I have mentioned here. The tool is very simple and works perfectly. What I liked most about this here is that it allows batch processing, so you will not have to wait for long to convert all e-books you have in EPUB format.

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