5 Free PC Alarm Software

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Here are 5 PC Alarm software that let you set alarm on PC to get important reminders. Some of these PC alarm clock software also let you execute specific tasks when the alarm goes off. For example, you can configure the alarm software to shut down the computer at a specified time.

All these PC alarm clock software are completely free.

Banshee Screamer Alarm

Banshee Screamer Alarm is free PC alarm clock for your desktop alarm system. The application is designed for those people who sleep at their desk or do not have any alarm clock or do not bother to buy one. The application is just like usual alarm clock to wake you from your sleep. Just set the alarm time and forget about it.


The application comes with easy to use interface and large display. This application is not loaded with features, just general desktop alarm for all kind of users. The application has simple clock like display for your desktop along with three click buttons in the bottom of the time display. It has timer, alarm and counter in-built in the application.

The application developers give you different skins for your display and you can use any of them as per your choice. You can set the alarm with the application and also add a text with the alarm for your reminder. Alarm can be set in 12 hours format and activate your alarm for week days or for any particular as per your choice. Customize the type of action you want this freeware to perform when the clock struck your time.

This free PC alarm software lets you set up to 99 alarms. It also lets you configure specific options to perform at your scheduled time. It could be as simple as playing a MP3 file, or to open a program or even a URL.

Read more about Banshee Screamer alarm, or download free here.


AbAlarm is easy and free PC alarm clock for your computer system which can be downloaded for free and can be used for Windows. The desktop alarm application is designed to be extremely simple to use. The application is also very helpful for students too, who often after long hours of study or project work sleeps on the desk.


Give the application a specific time or the number of minutes to count down and the alarm will wake you on time. The intuitive yet classy interface of the freeware will navigate through the alarm type you can set. You can give a specific to the application or just set the time for your tea time or luncheons.

One of the features of the free PC alarm clock software is its countdown feature. If you have some work that need to be finished within some time than you can add countdown time in the software. The alarm will struck the number of minutes to count down. Also you can add a text message with the alarm that will remind you about the alarm you set along with the sound of your choice.

Read more about AbAlarm, or download free here.


Atchoo is simple and easy PC alarm software that integrates with Google Calendar. The application is developed as a system alarm for the Windows users. You can use the application to notify you about the meetings, conferences and presentations that is scheduled in your diary but you may forget with your busy work. It provides desktop notifications for Google Calendar events.


The application works with Google Calendar. Whatever you add in the calendar events will be automatically updated in the application. The freeware will not let you forget the schedules and events added by you in the calendar. It connects itself with the Google calendar and remind of the events and dates in the events. You can use the application just like your alarm clock.

Installation of this freeware is very easy and does not burden your computer. After installation you can provide the details of your Google Calendar that it will connect to keep track of events. When some event approaches, it will give an alert on your desktop.


  • Connects to one of your Google calendars and reminds you of its upcoming events
  • Allows you to either snooze or dismiss an event
  • Can create events using Quick Add
  • Free for personal and commercial use

Read more about Atchoo, or download free here.

Bluefive Alarm

Bluefive Alarm is free application with digital clock for your Windows desktop. The freeware comes with easy installation process and quick downloading pack. The freeware is meant to wake you from your sleep when you have something very important to do. Set your time when you want this app to wake you from sleep and you can easy rely on the alarm system of the app.

You can snooze or dismiss alarm like you do with your general alarm clock. The app is light weight and displays you digital clock on your desktop. When you see the app interface, you will notice the simplicity it has. It simply displays you time in 12- hours and 24-hours format. Set the alarm in the same interface without any indulgence and simply forget about the time and date. you can set to display a message and play a sound at a time of your choice.


  • AM/PM or 24-Hour mode
  • Option to preview your alarm
  • Shows the current time in configurable LED’s
  • Beeps or plays a sound (you can replace the default alarm siren)
  • Plays music (you can use your own .mp3, .mid, .wav and so on music files)
  • Shows a small dialog or alarms you with a full screen alert with your text
  • Customizable Snooze function with interval setting
  • Option to trigger a command at alarm time

Download BlueFive Alarm free here.

Alarm Clock

This freeware is last on our list with easy to use interface and functions. The freeware helps you to wake up on time with sound of your choice. The application allows you to set recurring alarm for daily, weekly or monthly set ups. You can choose an MP3 or a WAV file or use the default for each of your alarms, and hit Set Alarms.

When the alarm triggers you can hear the song of your choice. The default sound in the app is effective to wake you; still you can choose the sound of your own. The program, while functional and easy to understand, does not t let you personalize a display message when an alarm triggers. It is an alarm clock for your Window. It has eight alarms–one for each day of the week, as well as an additional one-time alarm for use at any time. You can use the built-in sound (very obnoxious) or you can even have it play MP3s.

Download free from here.

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