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In today’s digital world, information is everything. Nearly all modern technologies and services require information to work properly. And when it comes to representing information, nothing beats Infographics. As the name suggests, Infographics provide a way of representing information graphically. From a country’s population, to the distance between continents, everything can be visualized through infographics. So if you’re an information junkie (like me), you’ll love infographics.

And that’s exactly what Information Is Beautiful, the focus of this write-up, is all about. A brilliant website, Information Is Beautiful lets you view (and with permission, use) hundreds of stunning looking infographics, based on a variety of topics. Some of them are even interactive. Stoked? Head past the jump for a granular look.

information is beautiful

Using Information Is Beautiful To Get Infographics:

Step 1: To get started with Information Is Beautiful, you don’t need to create any accounts, or anything else of that sort. Simply head over to the website’s homepage, and start doing your thing. The web UI of Information Is Beautiful looks like this:
information is beautiful ui

As illustrated above, the UI of Information Is Beautiful is as simple as it gets. The website displays the latest infographics in a grid like fashion, and hovering over an information lets you find out its subject. To the left is a listing of the infographics’ categories (climate, thought etc.), and a search bar if you’re looking for something specific.

Step 2: To see an infographic in detail, simply click on it. Most of the infographics can be toggled full-screen. The interactive (animated) infographics can be played around with, simply via the mouse. Here’s a screenshot:
information is beautiful sample infographic

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Wrapping Things Up

Information Is Beautiful is an incredible resource of stunning looking infographics, on a variety of topics. Do give it a shot, I’m sure you’re absolutely going to love it.

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