Free HTTP Status Monitoring Dashboard for Unlimited Websites

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Here is a free HTTP status monitoring tool you can use to monitor websites in bulk. Basically, this tool gets a list of websites that you want to monitor for a specific status code. Basically it generates an HTML file after a specified time by you and then you can keep reloading it to see the stats of a website if it has changed. This is basically a script and you can easily set up this on any server by running simple commands. You can expose an endpoint on the server and create cron job to see the updated status of the websites on the dashboard and then do whatever you want.

There are many HTTP status monitoring tools available but here this one can be self-hosted and offers you a dashboard like interface. The simple dashboard that it creates for you lists all the websites along their status. If you want then you can also monitor a website for a specific status code and see the results. This is simple as that. If you want, you can even run it locally on any Windows/Linux/MAC PC you are using.

Free HTTP Status Monitring Dashboard for Unlimited Websites

Free HTTP Status Monitoring Dashboard for Unlimited Websites:

Here this tool is basically a script that you have to run on a PC a server. You start by cloning the GitHub repository from here and then there is just one single file there that you have to edit. Also, do note that it has one crucial dependency that is cURL. Make sure that you have cURL installed and then proceed further.

website monitoring script cloned

Edit the script, “srvmon” with any text editor available and then add websites there that you want to monitor. There is a specific syntax for adding the website links and you can learn that by looking at the examples sites already added in the script. You can add as many websites you want for monitoring.

Add websites to monitor in the dashboard script

You can now simply the script like this, saving all the output in an HTML file. Next, to see the generated dashboard, you just open the file in any browser and then you will see a dashboard right there. You just keep generating the dashboard like this with this script and you can host it permanently on your website easily.

Website monitoring dashboard in action

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful script to create a dashboard to display website statuses. If you are planning to host that dashboard then you can install a small HTTP server and create a cron job. You can set the cron job to run automatically at every 1 second or less if you want to. You will only have to keep refreshing the HTML file to see the updated status.

Closing words:

The website status dashboard that the tool creates here is simple and very easy to deploy. You can use it on any PC or a cheap VPS like DigitalOcean or Linode. If you are looking for an open source website status monitoring tool, this script will do a great job. There is only one time effort you have to put in it in order to make it work. The finally generated dashboard is neat and will be enough for your monitoring needs.

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