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A must for computer users these days is a free file uploader like the DocDroid. This free file uploader allows business people and others to upload and share documents in all formats. The program will convert a document file to whatever format the user requires and allow him or her to share this file with others. You do not need to download any software to use docDroid.

With a free application like this available, many business deals can be easily go through thanks to DocDroid’s ability to convert files. It appeara that many are taking advantage of this tool. The program is user-friendly and is easily learned in a matter of minutes.


How does DocDroid work?

All that is required is for a document to be uploaded in any format. Then go to docDroid, and upload the document. You will get the URL of the uploaded document. The person that the user is sharing the document with is able to download the document in any format he or she chooses. Formats that are popular and thus supported are, PDF, DOCX, ODT, ODT, PAGES, RFT and XLS. There are also other formats that DocDroid is more than likely capable of reading and up or down loading.

Some other file uploading services that we reviewed earlier include File uploader for rapidshare, megaupload, MirrorCreator, and Youtube uploader.

Some of the advantages of docDroid:

  • For business people that are on the move, uploading a document is a simple and easy procedure, as is the downloading.
  • Free DocDroid is read to read any format and allows users a choice of formats with which to download.
  • A “view” option allows users a quick preview of the file prior to uploading it.
  • DocDroid can be shared or accessed through Twitter, Facebook as well as standard email.
  • For super private documentation, users are able to password-protect their documents.
  • Document deletion can be performed at any time or will automatically be deleted after 60 days if there has been no activity with said document or documents.

It appears that DocDroid would be a handy, if not necessary, tool for busy people. Indeed even the home computer user could easily use this program to quickly share files with others. A writer, for example, might use it for sending manuscript updates to a publisher. Teacher’s could use this free application to send homework to children who are absent from school due to sickness or travel. The uses are limitless.

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